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100% Strata Goggles

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100% Strata Goggles

The Strata is an entry-level goggle with an excellent price. Don't let the term "entry-level" fool you though. These are high-quality, comfortable goggles that come at an exceptional value.

  • Anti-Fog Clear Lens
  • Elevated comfort and performance
  • Available in many different colors
  • Free microfiber bag for cleaning and storage

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Q: Do these fit over eyeglasses comfortably?

A: Yes. Very! You will look so rad too. Get them!

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Yes, they really do fit over glasses - Nov 04, 2015

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Stoughton, WI

I wasn't too keen on paying premium dollar for a pair of ski goggles for riding, so I thought I'd give these a shot. Without being able to try them on, I had my doubts about them fitting over my glasses. Well, they really do. And comfortably. Now, if you had really large head - like a watermelon sized head - these probably wouldn't fit over your glasses. I'm assuming this because, if your head was the size of a watermelon, your glasses would be about 12-18 inches wide. These are definitely not that wide. You'd probably have to go to the same specialty store where you get your hats. If you wear a hat, of course. With a head that size, you probably need a custom sewn knit cap - or a flour sack. The positive being that flour is really super-absorbent and probably has deodorizing qualities. Not that I personally know that, since I have a regular sized head.

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great price - Jul 07, 2014

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Great google for the money

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