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Alligator STSP Housing 25-ft Roll

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Alligator STSP Housing 25-ft Roll

Compressionless housing with a reinforced stainless steel mesh for longevity. Double plastic jacket for increased weather proofing. Polyethylene liner for reduced friction.

  • Outer Diameter: 5mm
  • Please note: Ferrules or end caps not included

Due to manufacturer restrictions we can only ship this item within the U.S.

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Thomas V. is correct - Aug 27, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

I had the same problem as Thomas V. My workaround is to insert some cable (not new cable, just some leftover) into the housing, passing through the spot in the housing where you are going to make the cut. The cable prevents the housing's inner liner from squishing down and sticking together when you cut the housing. You'll end up with a bit of cable left in the housing, but it's easy to remove by just whacking the side of the housing against something, causing the bit of cable to fly out. Yeah, it's all a minor pain, but do-able. Once installed, this housing works great.

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Great stuff. - Apr 10, 2014

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Cleves, OH

This housing is amazing. I noticed an immediate improvement in my shifting when using it. If you check carefully on Alligator's website, it states that this housing is also usable for brake housing, not just shifting. Use it. The brake feel is greatly improved over regular housing and is similar to that of Nokon housing at a fraction of the price. As the other reviewer mentioned, you have to be careful when cutting it. I cut it with a Dremel. When you do that, the inner sheath goes back to round with one or two pokes of an ice pick. You do have to grind the end a bit and be careful not to catch the stainless mesh in the housing ferrules, but even one of my newbie cyclist (female, non-mechanically inclined) friends was able to do it without any trouble, so just be careful and you will be fine. Seriously, this is good stuff.

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Awful housing - Jan 27, 2014

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Seattle, WA

This housing suffers badly due to the liner construction. The liner ha strong cohesion to itself, and poor adhesion to the outer housing. This has two important consequences: 1) After cutting to length, it can be VERY difficult to "open" the pinched liner. I've done this many hundreds of times with other housing, and this is the first time I've had a challenge. We're talking 5+ minutes with a dental pick after each cut!! 2) If you ever pull the cable, you'll likely have problems. I pulled the rear cable because a derailleur change necessitated a new cable length. But when pulling the cable, the liner somehow bunched up and was pulled inside the housing, rendering both the housing and the cable useless. Had to start over with all new housing.

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