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Avid Elixir 9 Carbon Brake With HS1 Rotor 2013


Avid Elixir 9 Carbon Brake With HS1 Rotor 2013

Perfect power and weight for an xc trail bike but light enough to race with. An updated TaperBore design incorporates a new air-trap feature, resulting in ridiculously smooth control you can count on. Combining a two-piece caliper and HS1 cross-drilled rotors make Elixir 9 simultaneously smooth and powerful.

  • Single bolt MatchMaker-X compatible handlebar clamp design for easy install/removal
  • Updated, flip-flop aluminum lever body with a high-volume integrated reservoir, Airtrap porting, and TaperBore piston technology for improved power and modulation
  • Forged aluminum, twin-piston caliper design with drag-free retraction, top loading pads, adjustable-angle banjo attachment, and a drip-free bleeding system for the easiest maintenance
  • Deep Stroke Modulation allows riders to perfectly navigate that line and control even the most powerful brakes with finesse
  • Full hydraulic (DOT 5.1) system automatically adjusts for pad wear
  • Includes: lever assembly with carbon lever blade, pre-bled tubing kit, (74mm) caliper with applicable fork/frame adapter, updated HS1 heat shedding 6-bolt/44BCD rotor in 20mm increments, mounting hardware, and sintered pads



Avid Elixir 9 Hydraulic Disc Brake

Caliper Design

2 Piston, Forged 2-piece Aluminum, Adjustable Banjo

Lever Material

Carbon Fiber Lever, Aluminum Body


Storm Grey




DOT 5.1


Sintered, Top Loading


Contact Point Adjustment, Tool-Free Reach Adjustment, Adjustable


TaperBore Technology, MatchMaker Compatible, Split Clamp

Rotor Size

160mm, 180mm and 200mm

Claimed Weight

358grams - with Carbon Blade Option (Front; Post Mount; 160mm)

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Beautiful brakes, questionable pads and rotors - May 29, 2013

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4 out of 5 stars
Fort COllins, CO

These came on my 2013 Giant Reign and I must say they are quite impressive in some respects but disappointing in other respects. As adjustable as they are, these don't have the 'bite' that I would like with initial lever application when the brakes are cold. Once heated up during a long descent, they work well but are very noisy and squeaky. My suspicion is that the pads and/ or rotors are the problem here. I had similar issues with some Avid Elixir Cr brakes a couple years ago and swapping out the pads helped immensely. For this kind of money, you shouldn't have to change pads to get a quiet and powerful brake pad. For what it's worth, I ride in very arid and dusty semi-desert like conditions. Maybe they work better if you're getting them wet or dirty every so often. I do clean and rinse my bike off after every ride so I don't think that excessive brake dust is causing my issues.

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