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Continental Mountain King II 29er ProTection Tire


Continental Mountain King II 29er ProTection Tire

The MKII ProTection version takes the evolution of the Mountain King to a new level. Not only is the tread redesigned and ready for action, but Black Chili compound and a hardcore, but lightweight compound create a layer of puncture resistance to reduce flats.

  • Black Chili Compound provides killer grip on even the slickest wet rocks and roots
  • ProTection technology combines lightweight construction with better protection against flats




Threads Per Inch



Black Chili Compound







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SWEET Chili Rubber - Apr 11, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Andrew P.
Tucson, AZ

Okay MTBers these here tires seem to be the real deal for a great price. I just received them and I used standard shipping and wow them came fast. I did a lot of research before replacing my stock WTB racing NANO's that my 29er hard tail came with. Which by the way aren't great on rocky trails and cornering. Trust me I know because I had to pull prickly pear cacti out my quads after going into a corner to fast. Anyways I haven't taken them out for a test ride yet but feel confident just by the look of these that I will kill some trial. In a good way of course. HAHAHA! So yeah also theses tires are HANDMADE in Germany by the way which is a cool. Anyways peps I will make sure to post another review as soon as I hit the first trail with theses new ProTection Tires. Oh and yeah by the way they say ProTection on both side walls along with Mountain King on the both side walls. Really a great looking tire.

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Very durable tire - Apr 03, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Grayson B.
Crawford, TX

My bike originally came with Racing Ralphs which, although are very lightweight, proved to be very un-durable. After destroying those within about 2 months I replaced them with the Mountain King II with the ProTection. I have been riding these going on about a year now and haven't even had one puncture. This is pretty impressive considering some of the popular trail areas around Fort Worth have glass and all sorts of other tire threatening debris around. If you hate your ride getting interrupted with flat tires, I would highly recommend these!

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Great all purpose tire - Apr 02, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Eric M.
Atlanta, GA

I have been running the 26" 2.4 version of this tire on my hard tail bike during the last 3 months and have been very happy with the grip and slow wear. These are perfect tires to run in races in Georgia on courses that are not too muddy. They do very well on hardpack, asphalt, light muck/mud, and rooty/rocky stretches. They have very long wear especially when compared to my Schwalbe tires. If you get this tire and run tubeless like me, you need to get the ProTection with Black Chilli compound. The version without ProTection has very thin sidewalls like a set of Rocket Rons I used last year. These tire (2.4 versions) have very little roll when leaning in and inspire real confidence (for me at least). I am not sure why there are not more reviews on this tire as they have been very good in the conditions that I ride in here in Georgia and have long wear.

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