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Continental Mountain King II ProTection Folding Tire

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Continental Mountain King II ProTection Folding Tire

The MKII ProTection version takes the evolution of the Mountain King to a new level. Not only is the tread redesigned and ready for action, but Black Chili compound and a hardcore, but lightweight compound create a layer of puncture resistance to reduce flats.

  • Black Chili Compound provides killer grip on even the slickest wet rocks and roots
  • ProTection technology combines light construction and better protection against flats
  • Revo Tubeless Ready
  • Made in Germany



26 x 2.2, 26 x 2.4

Threads Per Inch



Black Chili Compound


50 to 65




665g (26 x 2.2), 715g (26 x 2.4)

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Q: Is this tire intended for tubeless or not? I'm looking non-tubeless w sidewall protection. BTW: Is there any problem running a tire meant for tubeless with an inner tube? I was reading issues with not being able to get enough sidewall pressure - is this right? Thanks!

A: This tire is considered "tubeless ready". You can also run it with a traditional tube, if necessary.

Q: Is this tire tubeless?

A: Yes, this tire is tubeless ready.

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versatile tire - Mar 02, 2016

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5 out of 5 stars
Santa Cruz, CA

I usually use this on the back (Trail King front) and it's great for that. It rolls pretty well and has lasted for a long time. It's got great grip in many conditions (I don't ride in the mud). I'll sometimes put it on the front with a faster tire on the back when I don't feel like I need the greater grip and rolling resistance of the Trail King.

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Over priced - Apr 10, 2014

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3 out of 5 stars
Littleton, CO

Supposedly tubeless compatible but the sidewalls leak. The tread is durable but the gap between the center knobs and the side knobs makes them feel twitchy when you lean them over. Good grip on hard pack and rock but hold on to mud to well.

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Super grippy .. short life - Sep 10, 2013

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4 out of 5 stars

I'm loving these tires. I can NOT slip out on our hard pack or rock terrain we have. Only rains a couple weeks in a year so I can't vouch for mud (as I chose not to ride then). Our rocks are nothing but tire shredders. Without sidewall protection a tire doesn't last a ride. There will be 3-4 good slashes in the sidewall before one actually tears the casing to the point Stan's can't heal it. It would be 5 stars, but I am on my 3rd set of the season (due to severe sidewall tears)

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