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Continental Trail King UST Folding Tire

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Continental Trail King UST Folding Tire

Just when you thought the Trail King couldn't get any better, Continental upped the ante by adding UST tech so you can mount the tire tubeless. The Trail King was built to roll over great tracts of land as far as the eye can see, from hills to valleys, to peaks to pastures, it's the one tire that covers them all.

  • Tubeless tires virtually eliminate pinch-flats and also enhance traction while riding
  • Black Chili Compound provides killer grip on even the slickest wet rocks and roots
  • Manufacturer Part #: 010054



26x2.2, 26x2.4

Threads Per Inch



Black Chili Compound


45 - 58psi




800g (26x2.2), 1100g (26x2.4)

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Q: Are these the Handmade in Germany APEX folding tire?

A: Yes and no. These tires are made in Germany, but are not the version that features APEX sidewall protection.

Q: Are the 26x2.4 UST Tubeless, And are the sidewalls protection + Apex?

A: Yes, these tires are UST Tubeless, but are not the Protection + Apex version.

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Great Get-it-all Tire - Oct 31, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
Atascadero, CA

These are my go-to tires for riding here in the dry, rocky, and often loose conditions around San Luis Obispo. I have ventured out and tried others, just to add a bit of variety to life, but I keep coming back. I can't call them a "do-it-all" tire since I rarely ride in the mud and I haven't seen a slippery root in a long time, but I will call these a "get-it-all" tire: they offer incredible traction, (from hard pack to very loose), serious durability, high volume, competitive weight, and all at a reasonable price. Any time I try a different tire, I feel like I have to give up something, and usually at a higher price. These tires have a higher profile which I really love. Not only does this provide a "cushier" ride, but it also sits taller. I ride a 26" Ibis HD and the size of the tires near that of 27.5 wheels with a lower profile tire. Additionally, the footprint is wider than other tires of the same size or even smaller. Could these be the original plus size?! The only issue I have had with these tires is a little bit of "warble" in the rear tire when hitting high speed turns, particularly on hard pack, off-camber stuff. The higher profile nature of the tire will give a little when pushed in this way. Paying particular attention to psi is critical, as I've found that a few pounds in either direction seems to really change the personality of the tire. This is probably true for a lot of tires, but is particularly true with a higher profile tire like the Trail King. I run the non-UST version to save some weight and they mount up tubeless with little issue using a compressor. They go on easily, using just your hands. It seems to me that mounting these with a floor pump would be a bit of a challenge since the fit isn't super tight (at least on my e*thirteen TRS+ wheels).

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Solid Tire - Apr 24, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

Long wearing, good in all conditions, beefy

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Awesome Tire - Apr 23, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

I am running the 2.4 on a giant reign and it handles everything! I ride southern utah dirt, slickrock and northern trails. they fade a bit when you first enter a corner but instantly hook up. Great tire for all around fun.

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