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Continental X King 26 Inch UST Tubeless Folding Tire

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Continental X King 26 Inch UST Tubeless Folding Tire

With tubeless compatibility, the Continental X-King UST Tubeless Tire is the most versatile of the X King series. It can be run at far lower PSI than a tubed version, enabling better conformity to the trail and superior traction.

  • Tubeless tires virtually eliminate pinchflats and also enhance comfort while riding
  • Tread pattern designed for racing, with offset, lowered center knobs that offer a steadier grip, power transfer and smoother braking
  • Taller shoulder knobs dig into the surface of the trail for stable cornering
  • Siped transitional knobs give the tire better grip in wet conditions



26x2.2, 26x2.4

Threads Per Inch







UST Folding


700g (26x2.2), 780 (26x2.4)

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Best front tire I've ever had! - Jun 06, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

I put a 2.4" X King on the front of my alloy Yeti SB66 and left the back of the bike to be taken care of with a 2.2" Mountain King. I can't begin to describe how picky I am about my front tires. I want them to do it all. Your front tire is the very first contact you have with the trail and its features. It's the first to leave the ground and the first to touch down when you land. It will determine exactly how well you corner and if it isn't up to the task, you're in for bad times. I don't think there's any other piece of equipment on my bike that represents me more than my front tire. I want to know that I can hit my corners without the tire getting overwhelmed by G-forces or getting out of shape by the terrain. It has to go fast. It has to do everything really. And this tire, my friend, is my new favorite front tire. I am hesitant to be that guy who raves about some component but I cannot say enough good things about this piece of rubber. I have been a long time Maxxis guy and I can tell if a tire is gonna work in short time once I put the rubber on the dirt. This tire instantly felt like it had a better connection with the trails than my Maxxis Ardents did. I still think the Ardent is a great tire, but in my humble opinion this X-King is even better. I ride steep and super rocky trails as well as buffed out flowy trails and this tire is so much fun to ride I had to get on here and put up a review. If you've been on the fence about investing in premium German rubber (like I've been for years), I urge you to consider this tire. I did and I am wishing I had invested in them a long time ago. The only thing I cannot comment on is its performance in the mud. Our trails have a high clay content so they cannot be ridden when they're muddy. But I wouldn't let a little mud prevent you from purchasing these tires as I bet they can hold their own when the going gets slippery. Stop reading this review, add this tire to your shopping cart, then shred. It's that simple.

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What a difference - May 10, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Corpus Christi, TX

Replaced my Continental Speed King Tube-Type 26 x 2.1's front and rear with the X-Kings UST Tubeless 26 x 2.4 front and 2.2 rear. Ridden them for 200+ miles so far. All I can say is wow, what a difference. Tube-Type Speed Kings seem inferior by comparison. Had to play with the pressures a bit as UST Tubeless are much different than Tube-Type, but once dialed in what a ride! 40 PSI rear and 30 front on a sub 27 lb carbon hardtail MTB. Performance on sandy /silty single track switchbacks is great, gravely trails great, resistance to puncture excellent (ran them through 500+ feet fairly dense thorny weeds). Because I ride through urban areas to get to the trails I needed a tire that was also at home on pavement . . . this is the tire! Quite and smooth rolling, corner well as opposed to the Speed Kings whose knobby sides would cause the tire to skip out when leaning into turns on pavement. Mounting was a breeze on Mavic CrossMax UST wheels, even without lube, the beads seated fully around 25 PSI. I have not had to replenish with air for over three weeks and I don't ride every day. There's also not appreciable difference in weight between the older Speed Kings and the 2.2 version of the X King, at least according to my scale, and of course the weight of the tube is shed. This is more than just an all around tire . . . this tire would rank highly in many of the terrain-specific categories! Great tire, highly impressed and highly recommend!

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