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DT Swiss Comp 2.0/1.8/2.0 Spokes Box of 72

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DT Swiss Comp 2.0/1.8/2.0 Spokes Box of 72

DT Swiss Spokes set the standard by which all others are compared. The Competition is a double butted spoke that measures 2.0mm on the ends and tapers down to 1.8mm in the middle. The DT Competition is suitable for both mountain and road wheels and just about anything in between.

A few important things to note:
  • Ordering a box will get you 72 spokes and 72 silver alloy nipples. We are not able to split up boxes or mix and match sizes
  • Wheel building is widely considered to be a 3rd degree black belt level job for the home mechanic. If you have any doubts in your skill level we can not stress enough the need to double and triple check your calculations. As per our return policy, we can not accept returns on any item that is not in original, unused/uninstalled condition

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Q: What is the gauge of the spokes? Can you also provide some insight on what size tire/rim this particular spoke works with. Thanks

A: These spokes are butted to be 2mm on the ends and 1.8mm on the center. Please contact our customer service for more info on wheel building.

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Great Spokes, Crappy Nipples - Apr 30, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars

This box contains a set of 72 double butted spokes and 72 aluminum nipples. Spokes: Easily a 5 out of 5 rating. Nipples: A 2 (or if felling really generous a 3) out of 5 rating. The spokes are great! The finish is solid and durable, the threads nicely formed, and there are no stress fractures at the flange head bend. The nipples are pointless for anyone other than a pro rider looking to save a few grams of static and rotating mass. Even with significant lube I could hear the nipples pinging before the spokes were brought up to tension, and I could see a lot of little flakes of aluminum being rubbed off by the butted and flanged nipple opening on the Mavic Open Pro rims. While tightening up a few (4 or 5 out of 64) of the nipples, the Park Spoke Wrench either twisted the square end or stripped it. The material seems to be very soft with no anodized coating for surface strength or protection. For the sake of building solid wheels with longevity in mind, I stopped the build and went and bought the necessary amount of nickle-plated brass nipples from my LBS to replace all the aluminum ones. With a lot of care the aluminum ones would be sufficient to use, but seeing as I ride a lot without carrying backup wheels or massive amounts of tools and parts, I didn't want to risk having something go wrong with a nipple and then having an inoperable bike. In short: Spokes good, nipples bad

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the standard - Apr 02, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

Unless I'm building an I9 set, I always use DT spokes!

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