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Easton MTN 33MM Grips 2014


Easton MTN 33MM Grips 2014

Easton's lock-on grips feature a unique locking system that is carbon friendly because the aluminum clamps don't clamp directly onto the carbon bar. The clamps are hidden by the grip making them look sleeker than most lock-ons and more comfortable too.

  • 33mm diameter (thicker version)
  • Lock-on
  • 132g
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Nice job Easton - Apr 14, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

I have tried many grips and these are towards the top of my list. I bought the 33mm ones. I like grips that have a bit of padding to help dampen vibrations going through my hands and these are about perfect for me. The offer good grip and stay put very good. I find the to be comfortable, and for the 5 months I have been using them they seem to be wearing good.

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Meh... - Apr 02, 2014

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3 out of 5 stars
Kevin J.
Orange, CA

These grips offer mediocre feel and comfort, but the end caps like to eject at inopportune moments for some reason. Each side has bailed once in 6 weeks or so of use, but the PITA is that both times they've bailed, it's been while I was doing Mach 3 down techy runs/chutes that require(d) me to hike back up to retrieve 'em. Maybe I'm a MOron and just can't secure 'em on my bars properly, but I've got more torque into them than I really should on carbon bars, so that's not gonna change.

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