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Five Ten Impact Low Shoes

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Five Ten Impact Low Shoes

We will just call him the little brother of the impact High. A new synthetic "action leather" upper has better water and mud shedding abilities, plus Five Ten managed to take a bit of weight out as well compared to earlier styles. An updated look and technology to one of their most burliest yet comfortable shoes.

  • Barrel lace closure system keeps you tight and secure
  • Stealth S1 sole for pure pedal crushing grip
  • A lower cut off at just under the ankle but still all the rest of Impacts great benefits
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Like magic - May 10, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars

Pair these shoes with a solid set of flats with pins and it's like magic. No more feet slipping when wet and when you get even better, your feet will stay with the pedal when going over jumps and obstacles. Downsides: Not great for walking "long distances"...don't wear these off the bike too long, first off, it wears the soles quickly (you know, the magic) and second, it beats your feet up. The laces are a pain, but I'll suck it up. I wish they had more ankle room, they seem to constrict my ankle. I'm going to peruse others to see if there is a better one. Lastly, order slightly larger if possible, as if your feet get crammed in these, it's a little unforgiving. And definitely unforgiving if you walk for any distance in them. Even with the "downsides" I give it a 5 because it beats the heck out of wearing sneakers or clipless shoes without cleats on flat pedals.

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Nice kicks, - Apr 30, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
san diego, CA

Recent purchase. Great shoe with relatively wide body so fit is comfortable without having to size up to fit my wide feet. Also have thin/narrow heel so keeping on my feet can be a problem with other shoes. These have stayed on well. Laces can be tough to tighten near the toes when new but get easier. The soles are awesome. Tons of grip and yet dirt doesn't inordinately stick to them. Good protection for rock bites. Live on so cal so can't speak to water resistance. A little heavy but protection makes up for it. Pretty good pedaling platform. Not too stiff but still helpful. Good arch support.. Good for walk of shame hike-a-bike sections, too! Great shoe. Highly recommended

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Tough Shoes - Apr 02, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

I have used the earlier model of these shoes for the past 2 to 3 years, and would confidently recommend them to any flat pedal biker. The stealth rubber sole always keeps me connected to the pedals and can withstand the sharpest lava that Pele can dish out when I'm off-bike. These shoes can take tons of abuse. Big hits are easily absorbed and your feet are well protected, well supported, and comfortable. The size's run true. The padding and arch are ample. They are easy to clean and the footpads are removable. They are a weightier shoe, but you will hardly notice. They not only look tough, the Impacts are tough.

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