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Flat Attack Freedom 29er Pre-Injected Tube

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Flat Attack Freedom 29er Pre-Injected Tube

"Seals Punctures While You Ride"

The Flat Attack Freedom 29er Tube is pre-injected with Flat Attack Tire Sealant at the factory and comes to you ready to use. As you ride, the sealant will coat the inside of the tube, under the treads area of the tire. When a puncturing agent penetrates the tire and tube, the Flat Attack Sealant will blow into the hole, sealing it, often times before you even know you have a puncture. It repeatedly seals holes up to 1/8 of an inch. Even heat and cold will not affect its performance. It lasts for the life of the tube.

Installation is the same as installing a regular tube. Nothing special, just follow the same simple procedures and precautions and inflate the tire according to the tire's recommended pressure. Because Flat Attack Sealant remains liquid, the centrifugal force will throw the sealant to the outside under the tread, because of this, it cannot seal punctures on the sidewall. One added benefit of Flat Attack Tire Sealant is that it allows you to patch these holes just like normal, without special cleaners or precautions.

Please Note:

Periodically check for puncturing agents in the tire and remove them. If you ever find the tire flat, simply remove any of these agents, inflate the tire to the recommended pressure and spin the wheel to trigger the sealant. Whenever you have to let the air out of the tire, make sure all the Flat Attack is cleared from the valve stem. If it is left in the valve stem, it will dry and permanently plug the valve core.

  • Compatible with 29 x 1.9 and up to 2.125 inch tires
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