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Fox 36 Float 26 Inch 160mm RC2 FIT Tapered QR20 Black Fork 2014

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Fox 36 Float 26 Inch 160mm RC2 FIT Tapered QR20 Black Fork 2014

The 2014 Float RC2 comes with Fox's RC2 damper. RC2 stands for rebound, high speed and low speed compression. All 3 settings are externally adjustable on the Float RC2. If you're looking for a stout chassis with a 20mm through axle, and you want the most advanced damper available, don't be surprised when the Float RC2 rises to the top of the short list of forks you're considering for your next high end bike build.

  • RC2 FIT
  • 160mm Travel
  • Rebound
  • 20mm Through Axle
  • Tapered Steer Tube
  • Post style disc brake mount
  • Light Weight Air Spring
  • 36mm Stanchions
  • Color: Black



Fox 36 Float


Rebound, Air Pressure, High and Low Speed Compression


160mm / 6.3 inches

Wheel Size


Axle Type

20mm QR

Spring Type


Riding Style

AM, Trail

Steer Tube Diameter

1.5" Tapered


4.71 lbs / 2.14 kg

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Feeling good but requires some time to dial in. - Jun 09, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars

I have this fork on my Yeti SB66 and love it. There are several ways to dial the fork in but with high tech forks comes a bigger time commitment and more rider attention to what the fork is doing (and isn't doing) to get the most out of this piece of hardware. In my experience, Fox's manuals suggest setting their forks up a little too soft for my tastes. When I set mine up like Fox suggests, it bottoms out on every kind of ride. There is travel to spare with this fork and I don't think I should bottom a 160mm fork out on casual XC rides, so I keep mine set up so it bottoms out on the biggest of hits on the trail but stays within its mid-stroke for most of the time. But that's just me, maybe most riders like a soft fork. I'm 250lbs in gear and that puts my weight far beyond what the folks at Fox have in mind with they built this fork. But I can get the fork to handle pretty well. If you're a big rider I think you could get similar results. Should this fork get revalved by an after-market company like PUSH? If you're above or below the target weight range (150lb-190lb) then absolutely yes. There's no way Fox, or any other company for that matter, can make an OEM fork that will perform the same for a 145lb rider as it will for a 265lb rider as well as all the rider weights in between. Fox does a good job at pleasing most of us right out of the box. I had to play around with my fork to get it how I like it but I've done that with most forks/shocks. The good thing is that I can feel the fork's temperment change as I adjusted things. So as I learned to observe how the bike reacted to the trail I was able to get this fork dialed in quite nicely. For the rest of us, maybe a little revalving is in order. But this fork comes out of the box ready to handle anything you care to throw at it. It likes aggressive riding as well a mellow flowy day on the trails. I change the seals & fluids regularly and I find this fork easy to work on. I haven't had any issues with the cartridge system and have heard that Fox has had some issues with some cartridges. But my fork has been flawless. I haven't had a chance to ride a Pike but I hear they give this fork a real run for its money, with many people feeling the Pike is even better.

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