Fox Float CTD Adjust Rear Shock 2015

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Fox Float CTD Adjust Rear Shock 2015

The Float CTD Adjust has Fox's CTD (climb, trail, descend) compression damper with the addition of Trail Adjust. CTD makes things simple when it comes to setting up your shock. Select the climb mode to firm up the compression for efficient pedaling when you're on a long climb. When you're ready to come back down, switch to descend mode for plush, fully active travel that's ready to smooth out the rough sections as you blast down to the bottom. If your trails have a split personality, constantly changing from climbing to descending and back again, trail mode is you friend, splitting the difference between climb and descend. The Trail Adjust feature lets you fine tune things even more when you're in Trail mode. It gives you three additional compression settings so you can firm up or soften things when you're riding in Trail mode (Trail Adjust has no effect on Climb or Descend modes). With the Float CTD Adjust you'll be ready for anything!

  • Multiple eye to eye and stroke lengths to fit most frames
  • SV=Standard Volume
  • LV=Large Volume
  • XV=Extra Volume
  • CTD Climb, Trail and Descend compression settings
  • Trail Adjust (1,2,3)
  • Rebound
  • Mounting hardware sold separately

The Float Air Sleeve is now available in SV, LV and XV. Consult your manufacturer's frame specs to confirm which is right for your setup

Need mounting hardware for your CTD Adjust rear shock, or parts to fit any rear shock for that matter? Take a look at our selection of rear shock parts here.

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Q: I need to replace my rear shock, but I am not sure what the two measurements you give stand for. What should I take into consideration? Thanks

A: Hello, shock measurements tend to be more inclusive. Feel free to call our customer service tech’s for more info at (800) 774-2376 ext 500.

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