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Fox Forx Low Friction Wiper Seal Kit

$24.98 - $34.98

Fox Forx Low Friction Wiper Seal Kit

Dust wipers are the first line of defense in keeping crud out of your fork. Fox recommends replacing your wiper/seals every 6 months for a bike that's ridden hard. For most of us, a yearly service including an oil change will do. Keep your fork sliding smoothly with a new Fox Wiper Seal Kit.

  • Seal/Wipers
  • Crush Washers
  • Foam Rings
  • Seals are pre-greased

Fox Racing Shox makes a variety of items to maintain your fork or shock. We also carry their Cartridge Seal Kit when a more comprehensive rebuild is required.

Due to manufacturer restrictions, we can only ship this item within the U.S

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Q: Are these the "New SKF Low Friction Seals"?

A: Yup! These are the new SKF Low Friction Seals. Fox Part Number 803-00-878

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Fox dust wiper kit - Apr 23, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

I had to replace the fork seals in my new Float fork after 6 months which was a bit disappointing but very easy to do with with this kit as there are only four parts that need to be replaced along with the oil. My fork has been fine ever since. It turns out that my seals started to leak oil out of the dust seals on the right leg since I was keeping my bike on a hook on the wall of the garage. As most of the fox forks are an open oil systems and the dust seals are the only thing keeping the oil in the fork leg. Keeping your bike vertical lets the oil pool up on the dust seals which make them fail prematurely, the same goes for the rear shock if you have one. Lesson learned is that most modern suspension forks don’t like to be hung on a hook so keep them on the wheels.

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Yes, do replace the seals on you fork - Apr 09, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Grafton, MI

It is hard to tell if my fork is smoother because of the low friction seals, or if it is just the new oil, but MAN is my fork smooth after replacing the seals and changing the oil.

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