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Fox Forx Shaft Clamps

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Fox Forx Shaft Clamps

Shaft clamps for Fox forks. These clamps have a built-in magnet to help secure them to your bench vice while in use, and are required if you plan on overhauling the damper or rebuilding the cartridge of your Fox fork.

  • GEN3 O/B RL: (32mm forks) [2-hole clamp, Part #803-00-488]
  • SET #1: Shaft clamps, FORX (32mm forks) [5-hole clamp, Part #803-00-084]
  • SET #2: Shaft clamps, FORX (X, 36, 40 forks) [8-hole clamp, Part #803-00-147]
  • Recommended for advanced home mechanics or shop use only

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Q: which item do I need to service a fox f29 fit rlc fork? gen3 o/b rl , #1 , #2 ?

A: Please contact Fox directly by phone at 1.800.369.7469 or by clicking here to email.

Q: Which Fox Forx Shaft clamps correspond to Fox p/n: 803-00-084 I need to service a Fox 36 RC2 model year 2009, (FIT damper service). Thanks

A: Fox part number 803-00-084 corresponds to Set #1.

Q: There are three options, but I can't tell the difference between the three. Can you please explain the three options?

A: As the clamps increase in price, they are able to accommodate a wider variety of forks (i.e. Gen 3 O/B RL has two holes, but Set #2 has eight).

Q: Hello, I'm looking for the Fox Forx Shaft Clamp part number 803-00-147. The items available are listed as Set #1, Set #2, and Gen 3 O/B RL. Can you tell me which of these lines up with the Fox part number I found on their web site? Thank you, Dave

A: Fox part number 803-00-147 corresponds to Set #2.

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