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Steadyrack Classic

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Steadyrack Classic

The Steadyrack can be mounted on to any wall and conveniently swiveled to either side. Steadyracks can be installed side-by-side or dotted around the garage or even overlapped to store multiple bikes. And once the bikes are up on the wall, you can easily drive your car in to the garage or move around the space without tripping over obstacles.

  • No heavy lifting required - unlike other racks where lifting off the ground is required, anyone can place the bike in the guide and using a pushing and pulling action let the Steadyrack do the work.
  • Universal fit - it is suitable for most standard bikes and wheel sizes from small children's bikes to large mountain bikes. There are 2 versions, one for bikes with mudguards and one for bikes without.
  • Safe and easy to use - Virtually no risk of bikes falling over or falling out of the rack which makes it safer to use, versatile and it won't damage valuable property like cars or other bikes.
  • Folds Away - When the rack is empty it folds up and clips into place removing any risk of someone injuring themselves walking into it.
  • Stable and secure - when the bike is in the rack it is secure and safe and cannot be dislodged easily.
  • Easy to install - The Steadyrack comes with easy to use instructions on installing the Steadyrack.

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Q: Will the Steadyrack fit a 29-er MTB wheel?

A: Yup! This rack is compatible with wheels from 26 to 700c road.

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