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GEAX AKA TNT Mountain 29er Tire

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GEAX AKA TNT Mountain 29er Tire

The AKA was designed to dominate in situations where the knob must penetrate the ground without digging, and offer exceptional grip without slowing the wheel down. Even adverse terrains like gravel, sand, and grass aren't a match for this directional, well spaced, small blocked pattern. Gato-derived side knobs round out the profile, providing predictable cornering even when conditions get sloppy.

  • Tubeless talon (fits both standard and tubeless rims)
  • More resistant to sidewall cuts and punctures
  • More stable at low inflation pressures for better grip
  • Geax TNT tire allows for up to 100g saving compared to a standard tubeless



29 x 2.2 .

Threads Per Inch (TPI)



TNT XC Casing





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Reliable but not for me. - Apr 02, 2014

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3 out of 5 stars

I'd heard good reviews of this tire and had ridden on Saguaro's, so thought I'd try them on the back of my hardtail 29er. Essentially, it's a fast rolling hardpack tire. For our northeast trail conditions I'd recommend something other. And as another reviewer mentioned, it's fair at best in the wet. On the upside, the tire set up tubeless without issue, handled rocks and such, and is pretty fat for the size. Seems shorter and wider for a given size than taller. Overall a serviceable tire for the right conditions.

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GEAX AKA (NOT TNT) Mountain 29er Tire - Sep 10, 2013

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3 out of 5 stars
Dallas, TX

Texas summers can be dry and dusty with little or no moisture on the trails and I picked these up as something that would hopefully provide a better ride on loose dry stuff. For that reason alone, they seem to perform as intended, but push them and you'll find they have their limits. They seem to transition to moist and damp with unenthusiastic results. When pushed in the dry, loose stuff, they demonstrate predictable drift and slide, but give them roots and rocks and the results become less than desirable. Add some dampness or even slightly wet and they get unstable and can provide some adrenaline inducing moments. Personally, any application beyond the dry loose stuff exhibits unfavorable mannerisms that do not inspire confidence. On anything wet they will provoke adrenaline spikes and fear. Quick to find your butt on the ground will be the unexpected outcome. One notable tip is I found these to be a little better under hard cornering with a slightly higher tire pressure than I normally run. These are not the TNT casing that I'm writing about here. They are a bit more robust than the straight AKA's I'm referring to here. Under 23 lbs. of pressure these tires had a propensity to roll the tire which yielded disagreeable handling that I can do without. Obviously, higher pressures eliminated this. Some have stated they do well on dry concrete, but my observations don't agree. On dry concrete their limits are easily exceeded. They will break loose prematurely regardless of tire pressure. To be fair though, the induced drift remains fluid, predictable, and controllable. However, these are simply my opinions and others will possibly find these traits to be attributes. Two wheel drifts on hard pack or concrete is simply not a desirable characteristic for me personally.

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Great for hard pack trails - Jul 16, 2013

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4 out of 5 stars

I have a set of these set up tubeless on a set of Easton Haven wheels. With sealant they really keep their air pressure. They have a nice round profile that makes them corner in a nice smooth way. My local trails are hard pack clay and all the little knobs give great traction. I did ride them after a rain and they packed up pretty quick with mud and turned into slicks. But tacky clay will do that to just about anything.

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