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Geax AKA 650B Mountain Tire

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Geax AKA 650B Mountain Tire

Even adverse terrains like gravel, sand, and grass aren't a match for this directional, well spaced, small blocked pattern. Gato-derived side knobs round out the profile, providing predictable cornering even when conditions get moist. A fast rolling tire that does not let loose in leans or cornering with predictable drifting.

  • Super fast rolling tire with great cornering grip
  • 650B (27.5) size specific
  • Predictable drift



650B 27.5 X 2.2 in.

Threads Per Inch (TPI)





Aramid Folding



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Q: What is the suggested maximum pressure for this tire? Thanks

A: Max pressure is 45 PSI.

Q: Is this a 2.2?

A: Yes, its a 650B 27.5 X 2.2 in.

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Great Carving Tire - Apr 13, 2016

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5 out of 5 stars

Lightweight and grippy on sandy and rocky hardpack. I have it on the front 650b 60psi. Reminiscent of a park jumping tire like a Hutch Cobra but better taller knobs.

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Not bad - Jan 09, 2016

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4 out of 5 stars
Glendale, CA

For hard pack and rocky trails, this is a great tire. Not so good in wet areas as the traction is poor. However in dry and hard pack, they roll fast, roll over rocks quickly and traction going up steeper hills is a plus. I did notice the rubber is kinda soft and the inner treads are beginner to wear out. Its on par with the Maxxis IKON, Kenda Small Block and others with the same pattern. A good choice for XC racers. Lower the PSI if the area is wet and rooty.

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Great value tire - Apr 23, 2014

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3 out of 5 stars
San Diego, CA

Great value tire for the price, reasonable weight & rolling resistance for it's size. Good to great traction on turns & climbing grip. Some challenges in seating the bead but once seated it was fine. Side wall stiffness was average a little to flexy for my preferrence & would require additional air or tube for less flex. Overall tire is good on performance & great on price value

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Good, but wears fast - Apr 23, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars

These tires are good, depending on the application. I put a pair of these on at the beginning of the season with the intent that they would be good all around tires for the year. Mounted on Azonic Outlaws the performance has been good. However, the rear tire is already bald down the center line. I dont skid around either, the knobs have worn off very quickly. Brand new the traction was great. But they wear down fast, my guess is due to the rubber compound. The first time I put the tires, I did have a seating issue. One mile down my local trail and the tire came off. This may have been my fault, since I have not had a problem after, but I notice that someone else had a mounting issue, so watch out for this. These tires are fairly light, but they are also thin. Already have a slice on the side wall, and a few other holes on the tire patched, and I still use tubes. Not the tire for rocky trails in Texas, but probably last much longer on the dirt trails of the midwest.

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All of these stars go to Price Point - Apr 14, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
silver city, NM

This is a follow up to my previous review. After a few more miles, about 36 to be exact, I think these are all sorted out. They've stopped leaking air and are now seated properly. I've not had any issues with them over the last 20 to 30 miles ridden. I can now control the air pressure level without any issues. Although I am not looking forward to when I have to refill these with more Stan's as i'm sure the bead will pop out and I'll be back at square one. The five stars here are for Price Point's response to my negative review. The following day, Kevin from Price Point contacted me via e-mail, expressing his apologies for the disappointing experience with these tires and he offered to help remedy the situation. At this point, I am having to move accross the country for job reasons, so I will not be able to follow up on his offer as I will be between houses. I will have to mothball my bike for the better part of the summer. I've decided to keep the tires and give them a spin in the south east and see if that yields different results. BIG KUDOS to Price Point for their awesome customer service!!

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I wouldn't give these tires to my worst enemy! - Mar 31, 2014

1 out of 5 stars
silver city, NM

Patch up your old tires and save your money until you can buy better tires. These are my issues with them: *Can not get the tires properly seated. Had to take it in to my LBS to get them to help me seat the tires and even they had issues with it. Even with a tube, it is still hard to get the bead to lock on. The tube will lift up the bead and squeeze out. *Traction? What traction? I have to pump these up to 40psi to be able to keep them on the wheel. Thus, I am bouncing around like a basketball and now my suspension settings are all out of whack. Anything less than that and these things leak air and loose pressure pretty quickly. * Is it my wheels? Not according to my LBS, the wheels are good. I didn't have any issues with my previous tires: MAXXIS ARDENT. The Ardents were not tubeless, yet I had converted them to tubeless without any issues. They also expressed that they had never before had so much difficulty in getting the tires to seat. The only reason that I switched my Ardents was because I sliced the side walls beyond repair on my rear tire and funds were tight for a new set of Ardents. I chose these after using Price Point's filter for 27.5, tubeless, low price tires. I'll try to fix my old Ardent and take these off. For reference, I am currently riding: Mavics, XM319 650b

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