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Gravity Dropper Classic Seatpost 4-inch 27.2

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Gravity Dropper Classic Seatpost 4-inch 27.2

Want to descend faster and with more control? The single best way is to lower your seat. You will feel an immediate change in the way your bike handles. Lowering your center of gravity means better balance, more control, and more confidence, which gives you the ability to go faster. Ride sections you've only walked before. Maintain speed in sections you've backed off in the past for extra safety on downhill and tactical sections.

When raised, the Gravity Dropper seatpost provides the most efficient position for climbing and all level terrain. To deliver maximum power to the pedals, you must have your seat in a raised position. Many bikers compromise their seat height for more technical riding. For example, keeping seat height of road bike higher than their mountain bike. With Gravity Dropper, there is no compromise. Sit high for power and climbing, or sit low for descending. The Gravity Dropper only takes a fraction of a second to raise or lower your seat.

Approach the descent by pushing on the switch on your handlebar while sitting on the seat. Your seat is now locked four inches lower. There is a cable that goes from the unit on the post to your handlebar. The Gravity Dropper's design is mechanical. There are no seals to blow and no oil that will leak. Its enclosed unit helps to prevent any foreign matter such as mud or dirt from entering.

  • 27.2mm diameter
  • Handlebar remote (right side specific)
  • 100mm

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Gravity Dropper Classic Seatpost


Made in the USA from CNC'd 7075 T-6 aircraft aluminum


510g (Seatpost including all hardware, switch, and cables)







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Q: Hi, How many "drops" this seat post has? (3 drops of 1" each?, 2 drops of 2" each?) Thanks Doron

A: This goes UP and it goes DOWN. There is not stop in between.

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Reliable and inexpensive - Sep 01, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
San Jose, CA

It's not the prettiest of droppers, but the Gravity Dropper gets the job done well and is completely serviceable. I've had mine for several months now with zero issues aside from the cable tension needing to be adjusted, which is expected with anything that's cable operated.

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Great Dropper - Apr 19, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

I bought one of these for my full suspension AM rig after reading the excellent reviews online. Loved it so much that I ordered another for my rigid 29er. This post was advertised as a "multi" but was only up/down. Luckily the inside post that makes this a multi position costs about $30 from Gravity Dropper and took about 10 minutes to swap out. All of the internal parts can be ordered and this post's very easily serviced. Gravity Dropper also has excellent customer service and will service this thing for about $15 if you'd rather go that way. Also built in the USA! Any side to side movement in the saddle is very minimal compared to other droppers. My buddy has blown up his Reverb twice in the year he's owned it. It also costs $150 to rebuild a Reverb. He's currently saving up for a new dropper while my Gravity Droppers keep on going. Extremely happy with this purchase. Best money that I've spent on my bikes recently.

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Rider Gets a Lift from a Dropper! - Oct 09, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars
Lakeville, MN

Just returned from my first ride with my new Gravity Dropper seat post. The first thing I noticed is a slight wiggle and noise while seated and rolling over small rocks and tree roots. The first real test came on a down hill section with 3 large rocks to climb over and a right angle turn at the bottom. This section has always caused some anxiety for me. I dropped the seat and was able to move my center back further than my seat at normal height would allow. WOW! I just rolled over all 3 rocks and made the turn without any trouble! The noise and wiggle are well worth the capability of this post. I viewed comparisons of all the drop posts available and this one always rated highest in reliability and Price Point had the lowest price I could find anywhere. I highly recommend the Gravity Dropper Classic.

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Go Go Gravity Dropper! - May 14, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars
Henderson, NV

GoGo Gravity Dropper as Inspector Gadget would say. I also have the xfusion and love it as well... but the Gravity Dropper is my favorite for sure. I like the positive stops and quick reaction as well as the minimal pressure to lower. The only thing I don't like is the switch (although it's better than the original xfusion switch). Buy the new xfusion BAT switch to operate the GD and you are golden! Some folks don't like the GD's looks...pfff...it's proven reliability and functionality bring my ass home every time.

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