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Gravity Dropper Turbo LP Seatpost

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Gravity Dropper Turbo LP Seatpost

Before the Lev or the Reverb, there was the Gravity Dropper.

You ever wonder why you don't see DH racers with their seatpost extended XC style with 8 or 9 inches above the clamp? You get tons of power when you have optimal extension in the seated position. Why doesn't the DH crowd take full advantage of that with a high post? It's because one of the first things you learn riding DH is that lowering your center of gravity drastically improves handling. It also lowers your chance of launching OTB. Being way ahead of the curve (a curve taken at full speed due to their low center of gravity) Gravity Dropper was one of the first companies to manufacture and market an adjustable post. The Turbo LP is their latest offering.

  • 400mm length
  • 27.2mm: 4 inch drop
  • 30.9mm and 31.6mm: 5 inch drop
  • Handlebar remote (right side)
  • Left side remote available using optional kit (sold separately)
  • Made in the USA
  • 513g

Got a quick release seatpost clamp on your bike? Replace it with a clamp that works better for a dropper post here. Seatpost Clamps.

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Q: Hi, does anyone know if the 31.6mm diameter posts are shimmed or is the post's true diameter 31.6mm?

A: The 31.6 post does not come with shims.

Q: Do you get the option of having it mounted on the right or left handed handlebar position. If not which position is this one in

A: The lever is right-hand side only, however it can be converted to the left side using an optional kit known as a "Switch Body Assembly".

Q: Does this have the intermediate position, either 1" or 2.5" down on the 5" 30.9 version?

A: This does not have an intermediate position.

Q: Does the 30.9 come with a shim?

A: This does not come with a shim.

Q: Does this post have infinite adjustability, just a few set positions or only a high/low position? Couldn't tell from the product description.

A: This post does not have infinite adjust ability. The post has a "All the way up" and "All the way down" setting.

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Gravity Dropper - May 08, 2016

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars
Missoula, MT

The most reliable post out there. Had mine for 7 plus years now still going strong.

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Great Mechanical Design - Nov 30, 2015

1 2 3 4
4 out of 5 stars
St. Louis, MO

This post did not work right out of the box. After installing it I noticed the post would not engage in the up or down position. However, after looking at the Gravity Dropper website I quickly determined that the LP pin was stuck to the LP body (i.e. the lock pin wouldn't through through the hole) and I was able to get it unstuck, sand the pin to make it smoother, and viola. It worked perfectly. Although I was kind of upset that it wasn't working out of the box, it made me understand the extremely simple mechanical design that seems more reliable than anything with oil, air pressure, and seals. (But that's just my opinion.) After a test ride I was amazed. You operate this thing with your butt and a shifter. After a couple tries it's basically second nature. No need to slow down or look down, just drop and GO. I would rate this 5 stars but I'm rating it 4 based on it not working straight out of the box and Gravity Dropper not replying to my initial customer service email thus far.

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Meh - Oct 16, 2015

1 2 3
3 out of 5 stars
Corte Madera, CA

I had this dropper post for around 4 years, in that time the lowest setting has stopped working. Other than than that, it's a great dropper post.

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Fits the need! - Sep 09, 2015

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars
Cincinnati, OH

Needed a dropper for the trails and this was exactly what the doctor ordered. Cable stays out of the way AND in one place. No fluid or air to worry about. Perfect!

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Great dropper - Apr 21, 2015

1 2 3 4
4 out of 5 stars
Sidman, PA

Great no nonsense dropper post. I had been through 2 KS posts that quit working so I wanted to move away from hydraulics. My only complaint is the remote clamp. It is plastic & mine cracked on the first ride. I wound up just switching to a different remote that had a metal clamp instead. One word of warning: this seat raises like a rocket. If you value your junk, use your body weight to ease the seat up or get out of the way when you hit he release.

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Seatpost not compatible with some bikes - Feb 19, 2015

1 2
2 out of 5 stars
Orange County, CA

Initial impressions of this seatpost were that the cable release coming straight out of the rear is silly. They need to figure out another way to do this. Regardless, the rest of the post seemed to be of good quality. I installed it on my 2014 Specialized Crave, and the design of the seatpost clamp would not allow me to level the seat. It was absolutely maxed out with the front of the seat pointing up at a slight angle. I contacted Gravity Dropper and David was initially helpful. He said they had a different seatpost that had an angled hole, and it would solve my problem. After not receiving tracking info for 3 days, I called them and it turns out they did not in fact have that part. They had not sent me anything, nor had they attempted to contact me to let me know. After this, after there was no longer an easy fix, David was unhelpful. Shortly after that, completely unresponsive. So beware! This post will not work on some bicycles with certain seat tube angles, 73 degrees on my bike. Gravity Dropper customer service was poor in my experience. I had to pay initial, and return shipping out of my own pocket, around $30 to figure out that this post did not fit on my standard Specialized bike.

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Awesome! - May 07, 2014

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars
Portsmouth, RI

Awesome. Install was simple. I don't know why you would ride without one. FYI, make sure a 400mm post will fit you and your bike. Its pretty long. Also, this comes with a left hand remote only. This means it will be on top of the bars on the left or under the bars if you mount it on the right side. Highly recommended.

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