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Hayes Prime Comp Disc Brake

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Hayes Prime Comp Disc Brake

Hayes has been in the disc brake business for nearly two decades, and their components are well known for their superb performance and excellent value. With many of the same features as the higher end Pro and Expert models, the Prime Comp disc brake seen above has excellent stopping power and modulation, making it ideal for a wide variety of trail conditions and riding styles.

  • Top loading pads with new pad design and material
  • Improved mechanical advantage throughout lever stroke
  • Satin black finish with a smoke anodized lever
  • Cross-Hair Alignment
  • Pads: Prime semi-metallic
  • Caliper: 26mm pistons
  • Weight: 385g
If you have a post mount fork (74mm) and want to run a 7 or 8-inch rotor, you'll need this adapter. If you have a fork with an IS mount (51mm), you will need this adapter instead.

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Q: Are the Prime Comp Brakes ambidextrous ?

A: They are not, you would have to switch the hoses.

Q: Do these brakes come with the Crosshair adjustment? None of the pictures of Hayes brakes on your site shows the Crosshair screw, nor is it mentioned in any of the specs.

A: These brakes do come with Cross Hair Alignment, and the picture has been updated to reflect as such.

Q: Can the "front" brake be used as a back brake, if you lengthen the hose?

A: Yes, you can if you change the hose.

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Strong and tough - Dec 17, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Troy, MI

I am running these brakes on a fat bike that I commute on 3 times a week. They have plenty of power to drag those huge 4" tires to a stop every time I need to stop ASAP. I have changed brake pads and rotors due to noise from them getting wet and dirty from the commutes. These are a good set and for the price you really cant beat them. They can be hard to adjust to keep them from dragging and if you have to bleed then that is a bit of work also. I have called and emailed Hayes support, great response with accurate step by step instructions both times. If you need good strong brakes and are on a budget get these.

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AWESOME!! - Apr 16, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

I love these brakes, super easy to adjust and Hayes even helped me with sizing the brake lines. They are super light and look good on the bike.

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Great Brake for the Money! - Apr 03, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Killeen, TX

The Hayes Prime Comp brakes have given me nothing but excellent performance right from the box. These brakes come with semi metallic pads so they were a bit weak and noisy during the bed in process. However, once bedded in, they reached full power and the noise dropped considerably. I would definitely recommend these to XC riders as they are light and durable. However if you choose to ride them DH or AM, upgrading a rotor size would definitely benefit their performance. To top it all off, Price Point offers them at an amazing price for the budget rider!

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work great - Apr 02, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Madison, MS

these guys came in a Vassago build package. i haven't have to do any maintenance now for over a year (500+ mile). they stop extremely well and have great modulation. great brakes

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