Hayes Stroker Gram Disc Brake w/160mm Rotor

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Hayes Stroker Gram Disc Brake w/160mm Rotor

Excess weight just slows you down and Hayes is well aware of that. They designed the Stroker Gram to be extremely light by removing non-structural material from the master cylinder creating a lightweight brake that is as powerful as it is good looking. Titanium hardware and lightweight aluminum-backed pads round things out. Sure, there are lighter brakes out there, but none match the Stroker Gram's combination of weight, power, modulation, serviceability, durability, good looks, fade-free performance, and value.

These days, most disc brakes come sans rotors so when Hayes asked us if we were interested in a few sets of their Stroker Gram brakes with rotors, we said "Yes definitely".

  • Front and rear sold separately
  • Includes Hayes V-cut Rotor (160mm)
  • Rear hydraulic line is 1500mm long
  • Recommended usage: XC Race, Trail, All Mountain
  • Weight: 355g (Front, 800mm hose, 160 mm rotor and mounting hardware)
  • Pad material: Semi-metallic/aluminum
  • Pad retention: Tool-free
  • System: Two piston, open
  • Adapters sold separately

While these Stroker Grams do include rotors, they do not include adapters. Check out our selection of disc brake adapters here.

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Q: Are the front and rear IS or post mount?

A: These will come front and rear post mount.

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Excellent stopping - Aug 19, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
Red Lion, PA

I got these breaks to replace an older set of Haydes Carbon9s. These are a cheaper option but do a wonderful job. They are easy to install, and easy to adjust. I had never installed hydraulic breaks before but did not have a problem figuring these out. The instructions are clear, and it comes with extra oil and bleed kit.

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Hayes update - Oct 30, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Shakopee, MN

Just a quick update on the brakes. I thought the squeak was coming from the front caliper but it turned out to be the rear. It had moved slightly as I tightened down the bolts that hold the caliper onto the adapter. A quick adjustment on the trail with my trusty multi-tool and a little bump from my shoe is all it took and now they're silent and powerful. The ergonomics on the handles are so much better than the Decipher brakes that came on my fat bike and the front brake has enough stopping power to send me over the handle bars if I'm not careful. My hands have yet to get tired from these brakes while out on a ride.

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Incredible value on a strong brake - Oct 14, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Twin Cities, MN

I took a chance on these after neglecting my Avid Juicy 5s in winter riding. The Avids were always binary - either fully on or off. They were unnerving especially on new trails and on the ice. These Hayes came pre-bled and with brake lines that were not too long (like the Avids came). This meant that I didn't have to cut the lines to shorten and no additional bleeding. The titanium hardware (2 pairs of mounting screws) is certainly nice. They came with a basic bleed kit and extra olives just in case you need to shorten the lines or to replace a few years down the road when a full service is necessary. The included brake disc makes this a steal of a deal although it isn't the uber-light disc that they offer separately. The brakes installed much faster than expected with little to no problems during installation. I had questions on which, if any, adapters were needed and the Hayes product support team was very helpful. Burnishing didn't require the 30-40 stops they suggested and they were soon up to torque and stopping smoothly. They have good feel and are much more progressive than the Juicy 5s that I replaced. The last bit of travel is a little spongy but it's not annoying or unnerving. There is enough force to lock up the wheels but it takes more pressure to get to that point so I feel more confident. I developed a slight periodic squeak on my first ride while not operating the brake. It's going to require re-aligning the caliper on the front post mount, but it isn't a difficult fix. I highly recommend these if you're looking for a good value and a great brake. Most shops in my area don't much care for bleeding them, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. You won't find anything that will equal them unless you drop twice as much. If you're on the fence about getting these brakes, just take the plunge and get them. You won't regret it.

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Awesome brakes at a great price! - Oct 08, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Oklahoma City, OK

I just got these brakes recently to replace my Shimano Deore brakes. Maybe I'm partial to Hayes, but after riding Magura, Avid, and Shimano brakes, I'd rather ride a Hayes than any of those. These brakes are light, comfortable, and offer plenty of both modulation and stopping power. And you can actually adjust lever reach with one finger WHILE you're riding without taking your hands off the handlebar. Hopefully they'll hold up. I'll update my review if they crap out on me.

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