KMC Missing Link 10R 10 Speed Chain Connector

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KMC Missing Link 10R 10 Speed Chain Connector

The KMC Missing Link 10R is a 10 speed chain connector comes in a six pack and allows quick, easy removal of the chain without tools.

  • Silver
  • Sram and Shimano compatible
  • 10 speed
  • 6 card (pack of six)

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Q: Hi Is there any indication on the package that these KMC Missing Link 10R are re-usable? Charles

A: Yup these can be re-used in most cases as long as it is not damaged.

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Works like a champ! - Apr 21, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
Huntsville, AL

I added 1 to my bag because I do a lot of rides solo and don't want to have to make that dreaded call for help. So far in 4 group rides I've fixed 4 chains of other people and always in less than 3 minutes. If you know how to use your tool to get the chain ready then installing this link is a breeze. If any of the chains had been SRAM or anything but 10 speed they would have been out of luck. My LBS was very helpful the first time I asked how to do a chain repair. This is a definite ride saver!

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They work, but they're not easy to put on - Aug 01, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Clifton Park, NY

I purchased these to use with a Shimano XT Chain CN-HG95. I have used SRAM Powerlinks before with 9-speed chains, and they are both easy to connect when the bike is on the stand, and easy enough to install on the trail with just a multitool in the event of a broken chain. (I'd use my multitool's chain break tool to prep the chain for a powerlink, but wouldn't actually need any tools to connect the powerlink.) With the KMC Missing Link, I went something that specifically said it was approved for Shimano 10-speed chains, which this does, but it is a bear to put on, and took me at least a few minutes the first. Both pair I've used have worked without issue, but I don't know that I'd be able to get one of these off or on in the woods if I needed to. Removal is simple with the right tool. Four stars because it works and comes off fine, but doesn't give me confidence in my ride bag that a PowerLink did.

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