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KMC X10SL Bundle Package

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KMC X10SL Bundle Package

The KMC X10SL Bundle features a brand new design technology, which makes it fully compatible with all 10 speed drivetrain systems, MTB or road. With super lightweight construction, optimal chamfering, and a Double X Bridge design, the X10SL has superior performance with shifting, durability, and transmission efficiency.

This X10SL Bundle comes as a great value pack. Included are three sets of the KMC MissingLink 10R in Silver, Ti Gold, and DLC coating colors. It has a KMC Easy Chain Checker for riders to check on the chain elongation. A "Chain Tensioner" is also included to hold up the chain for you when you are connecting the MissingLink. It comes with a 3ml tube of KMC original lubricant for the chain.

  • Compatible with Shimano, Sram & Campagnolo 10 Speed Systems
  • KMC X10SL chain
  • 3 sets of KMC MissingLink 10R
  • KMC Easy Chain Checker
  • Tool that holds chain while you install the MissingLink
  • 3ml of KMC original lubricant

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Q: Some of my bikes require 116 links. How many links does this chain come with?

A: The chain included in this bundle pack is 116 links.

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