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Kenda Nevegal Wire Bead 26" DH Tire

$29.98 - $39.98
$64.00 - $65.00

Kenda Nevegal Wire Bead 26" DH Tire

The Kenda Nevegal is the do it all mean traction tire. Whether the terrain is loose or hard packed, this tire is ready to handle the situation. The Nevegal has consistently won praise in Mountain Bike Action Magazine for it's traction and low rolling resistance.

Kenda's Stick-e compound is a slow rebounding rubber that acts as suspension so the tread can conform to the trail, rather than bouncing off of it.

Kenda's RSR (Race Stick-e Rubber) compound is a variation of their Stick-e compound. With RSR, Kenda has taken their Stick-e rubber compound and upped the ante to achieve a whole new level of sticky, grippy, slow rebounding goodness.

  • Downhill wire bead 2 ply
  • Stick-e Rubber Compoiund 50 Durometer
  • RSR Rubber Compoiund 42 Durometer
  • Front and Rear application

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26 x 2.5

Threads Per Inch (TPI)



Stick-E and RSR


50 max


Wire Bead



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a good tire - Apr 04, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
tyler n.

good price for this tire. i got the RSR option havent rode on it yet, but its very thick and nobby. i wouldnt recommend riding on road but thats obvious. like how the sides of the tires are really nobby and hope i dont have any front tire wash outs.

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Awesome grip - Mar 11, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Carlos V.
Charlotte, NC

I have the stick-e version of this tire on the rear of my full suspension. Please keep in mind that this tire is a massive downhill tire. The grip is insane and carves through turns. Being a downhill tire, the sidewall is almost twice as thick than other tires and it's bead is a monster. This will not fit very skinny XC rims! Get ready because the behemoth bead is tricky to get seated on the rim! This tire offers superior protection against punctures - including snake bite punctures. You will eat through your thread life if you ride this on the pavement. Enjoy!

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Beastly - Jul 31, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars

This tire is awe inspiring. I wish they allowed pics to be posted with reviews. I put a quarter on the tread and took a picture to illustrate how huge these tires are. Before purchasing them, I measured the clearance on my frame and I had about 3" of clearance. These tires are 2.5"s so I figured it would be an easy fit. Although the tires do fit, I had to remove the chain stay protector because it was rubbing. Not much clearance for mud but I don't ride in muddy conditions so it shouldn't be a problem. They broke a heavy duty tire lever while attempting to get the wire bead onto the rim. This is my second set of nevegals and the tread pattern is great for the rear. Not my choice for fronts but some people like to use them for the front.

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