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Knolly Bikes Podium - History

Knolly's focus is simple:

Design the best suspension mountain bikes in the world, period. For their chief designer and CEO, Noel Buckley, this meant designing and patenting his own suspension platform, and then partnering with the best fabricators from around the world to bring his vision for each model to life.

Choices like tubing, bearings, fasteners, and finishes are all  deliberated with extreme care. Knolly's bikes are an aspirational purchase for riders who know exactly what they want in a bike, so they flood each design with all the latest 'bells and whistles' to keep all Knolly owners smiling for days (and years).

"Reliable Predictable Performance"


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Knolly Podium Cane Creek DB Air Frame
ON SALE $1,999.98 MSRP: $3,250.00 Save 38%
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Knolly Chilcotin Cane Creek DB Air Frame
ON SALE $1,799.98 MSRP: $2,700.00 Save 33%
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