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Kool Stop MTB Brake Pads


Kool Stop MTB Brake Pads

Another rim-friendly pad by Kool-Stop, formulated for top braking performance in all riding conditions. The Kool Stop MTB Brake Pads are longer with an angled "plow" tip to clear debris and help set the correct amount of toe-in during the installation process.

  • V Brake
  • Threaded post
  • Plow tip
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Solid Upgrade! - Apr 16, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Sherman Oaks, CA

Although these are a bit pricier than stock pads, they're well worth the money. The pads I had were wearing down, squeaking like crazy, hopelessly ineffective in the wet, and it was their time to be replaced! The "salmon" pads by kool-stop are generally the most recommended, but after having used those, and these, I honestly prefer these pads. The tip on the leading edge of the pad actually works! I've not tested with mud, but for riding in the wet, and dealing with dust and such, the plow-tip pushes a good amount of the stuff away and definitely gives better stopping power in not-so-great conditions. However, because it sticks out, it means you need a longer lever-throw and have the pads spaced further from the rim. Not -that- big of a deal, but still something to be aware of. Solid stuff overall though!

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Would buy again in a heartbeat. - Apr 09, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

Everyone goes crazy for the Salmon Kool Stops, and in my past I did too. I drank the Kool-aid and threw extra dollars out for the special compound. I recently put the "Gray/Black" compound on and let me tell you, I miss nothing. These are great pads.

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