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Kreitler 3.0 Alloy Kompact Challenger Rollers


Kreitler 3.0 Alloy Kompact Challenger Rollers

Kreitler designs top of the line rollers that will help you develop better balance and technique, increase your cadence, and improve your power.

The 3.0 drums provide approximately 40% more resistance compared to the 4.5 drums, making harder workouts possible without the addition of the Headwind Fan. The 3.0 rollers are a good choice for those who desire high resistance rollers for a value price. Riders who weigh more than smaller riders will have an easier time on these rollers because the inherent resistance of the drums is lower.

This is the Kompact version of the Kreitler 3.0, which means it works with bicycles with wheelbases from 38" to 42" only. The Kompact frame is designed to have a low weight and be very portable. It is compatible with the Headwind Fan but not the Flywheel. You can use 4.5 drums on the Kompact frame, but it will only fold up compactly in a very narrow range of wheelbase settings (39.5" to 41"). The clearance between the ground and the 4.5 drums is minimal and may be insufficient on uneven surfaces.

The Kompact Alloy 3.0 Challenger is like the Alloy 3.0, but it comes with Poly end caps for a more economical option.

What's included:

  • 3.0” x 15” Alloy Drums with Poly End Caps
  • Kompact Kreitler Frame
  • Belt
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