Kreitler 4.5 Challenger Roller with Headwind

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Kreitler 4.5 Challenger Roller with Headwind

Kreitler designs top of the line rollers that will help you develop better balance and technique, increase your cadence, and improve your power.

The 4.5 drums have low resistance and are the recommended choice for riders learning to use rollers. Most riders will be able to push large gears and keep the wheel speed high with relatively low effort. Higher wheel speed enhances balance and provides a greater coasting effect if you stop pedaling momentarily.

This version includes the Kreitler Headwind Fan, which gives you the widest range of roller workload that Kreitler has to offer. From easy spinning to intense hammer fests, you can do every type of riding with the 4.5 drums combined with the Headwind Fan.

This version also comes with a standard Kreitler frame that works with all Kreitler drums and accessories. It also covers a wide range of wheelbases. There are also two extension kits available for longer bikes such as recumbents and tandems.

The Challenger 4.5 Rollers use the same 4.5" machined aluminum drum cylinder as the Alloy 4.5 Rollers, but use Poly end caps for a more economical option.

What's included:

  • 4.5" x 15” Alloy Drums with Poly End Caps
  • Standard Kreitler Frame
  • Belt

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Q: Can the 4.5 rollers be swapped out for the 3.0 rollers as skills progress?

A: Yes, the rollers can be upgraded to 3.0 if you desire to challenge your balancing level to the max.

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Quality all the way around - Apr 23, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Franklin, TN

I've had kreitler rollers for a few years now. They are solid built and really make you work on balance and balanced pedal stroke. The headwind unit does a good job of adding variable resistance depending on how closed or open you set the fan intake. Be forewarned that the fan does make some noise once you get it if you watch tv/movie while on the may be turning the volume up enough that everyone else in the house hears it! You can get different size rollers to change the natural resistance without having to use the headwind fan.

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