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Kryptonite Evolution Mini U-Lock

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Kryptonite Evolution Mini U-Lock

Never leave your bike unattended, ever. If you have to walk away from it, be sure it's properly secured with a Kryptonite Evolution Mini U-Lock. The Evolution Mini is the top choice of bike messengers worldwide for its portability and strength. Don't leave home without it!

  • 13mm MAX-Performance steel shackle resists bolt cutters and leverage attacks
  • Reinforced cuff over crossbar and cylinder for added security
  • Improved high security, disc-style cylinder
  • High security Bent Foot(TM) design
  • Center keyway defends against leverage attacks
  • Anti-rattle bumpers reduce noise during transport
  • Rotating dust cover protects cylinder
  • Includes versatile EZ Mount transportation bracket
  • 3 keys - one lighted with high intensity bulb & replaceable battery
  • 7 inches in Length, 3.25 inches in width and 13mm bar thickness
  • Security Rating: 9


7 inches in Length
3.25 inches in width
13mm bar thickness

Security Rating: 9

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Pickable - Nov 05, 2015

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4 out of 5 stars
Northridge, CA

There are no five star locks out there because nobody has applied that dead sexy pick-proof technology that's floating out there. That being considered, this is a great lock. Pair it with a Pinhead lock kit and you'll have a great urban setup for safe storage as long as you're not up against a skilled thief with a lock pick. It's also an improvement over the old barrel locks that could be picked with a Bic pen tube. Wow. Somebody got fired over that one.

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Excellent weight and protection - Apr 23, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

This lock is perfect for running through the rear wheel around a bike rack. It's not a beast to carry and it can fit in your back pocket for quick jaunts if you're not carrying a pannier or backpack. I prefer this smaller lock after years of dragging around the longer shackle version. Like every other U-lock, the shackle eventually gets "sticky" from rust. A wipe down with some WD40 and application of grease restores them in quick order for another year or two of trouble-free use.

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