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Leatt DBX Comp 2 White Neckbrace

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Leatt DBX Comp 2 White Neck Brace

DBX Comp II is the bicycle brace with premium fit thanks to its low profile and adjustable front and rear tables. Fibreglass reinforced polyamide construction and low profile Biofoam padding with TPR logos unites premium safety with great looks!

The DBX Comp is based on the original Leatt-Brace GPX Club, the one that made their name. The DBX Comp is fully adjustable to suit most individual rider needs. The Leatt-Brace neck brace is a revolutionary system designed to help protect a rider against various forces on the neck during impact, namely the over-bending of the head and neck in a forward, backward and sideways direction by employing patented Alternative Load Path Technology. This technology helps disperse impact forces away from critical areas onto less vulnerable areas of the body and is pivotal to the design oftheLeatt-Brace.

  • Upgrade from original bicycle-specific DBX Comp
  • Exclusive padding design only for DBX
  • One-piece rear padding for increased comfort and easy removal
  • New super low-profile padding provides greater range-of-motion.
  • Alternative Load Path Technology
  • CE Approved
  • The DBX Comp features a low-profile shape designed specifically to meet the specific range-of-motion needs of cyclists.
  • The brace is constructed from fiberglass reinforced polyamide resin, whereby microscopic glass beads are infused into the plastic to increase its bond-strength. This makes for a controlled, stronger brace, without compromising the wearer's safety.
  • Certain parts of the brace are constructed from carbon-fiber that is reinforced with Kevlar. This helps prevent the parts from shattering and sharp edges to protrude.
  • At the back of the brace, fitting firmly on the muscles surrounding the spine, sits an engineered thoracic member that helps keep the brace in position during an impact. This strut is designed to snap off at a certain force (roughly, one third of the force it takes to injure the spine).
  • The rear-upper support acts as a crumple-zone, giving way under a severe load in certain circumstances.
  • A unique cut-out section helps ensure the brace and helmet avoids contact with the collarbone.
  • Rounding off the construction of the brace is shock-absorbing Bio-foam. Biomechanically designed to help cushion the chin and contain the brace material in an accident, Bio-foam is also fully replaceable and machine-washable.
  • The brace features two red-coloured clips that identifies emergency openings to paramedics.
  • Leatt-Brace? is CE certified (according to Personal Protective Equipment directive 89/686/EEC) and all materials used have been chemically tested and certified, so it is free of lead and other harmful additives.
  • Maximum adjustability on the DBX Comp brace is achieved through six independent adjustment points and the brace is adjustable to suit most individual rider's needs.
  • Weight: approximately 790g + or - 50g.
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