Manitou Dorado Pro 27.5 Inch Fork

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Manitou Dorado Pro 27.5 Inch Fork

I don't know how the guys at Manitou did it. They've developed an innovative, dual crown masterpiece that is still competitively priced. The Dorado is a technological monster that rolls over terrain features and the competition with equal disdain. Its 7050 aluminum alloy legs, inverted construction, dual-chamber air spring, TPC+ damping, hydraulic bottom-out and top-out, and Manitou’s patented HexLock 20mm thru-axle come together to create the most advanced downhill fork ever.

  • 27.5 Inch
  • Dual Crown
  • 1 1/8 Inch Steer Tube
  • 20mm through axle
  • 203mm Travel



Dorado Pro 27.5 Inch


Rebound, Compression (High Speed and TPC+), Air pressure




27.5 Inch

Axle Type

20mm Hex Through Axle

Spring Type


Application/Riding Style



TPC, TPC+ Dual Chamber Air, Hydraulic Bottom Out


1 1/8 Inch Aluminum


36mm 7075 Aluminum


Black Anodized


Forged Hollow-Oval Bore



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Best Forks I've EVER Ridden - Nov 18, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Orange, CA

I'm not a big fan of air springs, as in my experience they're not anywhere as linear as a good 'ole coil spring, and the deeper you get into the stroke, the rougher the feel. So I bought a new bike that came with the new Fox air DH forks, and wasn't impressed with it whatsoever. Having ridden the previous gen coil fox, the air fork was like every other air fork I'd ridden, rough and very HARSH. I almost pulled the trigger on a set of '13 Fox coil forks, when I came across a review on the Manitou Dorado, then another, then another, with all three stating point-blank, that the Dorado is as smooth as a coil fork, but with much better damping, and the best anti-bottom control in the business. So I pulled the trigger on a set. Weighing 240lbs, I figured I was gonna have a fight just like I do on my enduro bike forks(Pike), trying to get 'em set up to suck up the small and quick stuff as plush as possible, yet still resist bottoming on the heavy stuff without giving me massive arm pump. I initially set 'em up with a lot of low and high-speed compression, like I do on every other air fork, then read a post by some random dude that wrote about how he was in the same position, and said screw it, and went the other way, now he said he has the best forks he's ever ridden on. So I did the same. I backed out the low and high speed, as well as the rebound, and got 'em to the point where the rebound was as quick as possible, and the compression damping was set up UBER soft. Went down my favorite chute, and took 2 seconds off my best time IMmedIATELY, but better yet, I couldn't believe how much everything on the trail(I live in Socal, where at this stage of the drought, pretty-much all top soil has blown away, so we're left with easily 90-95% exposed rock, loose rock, rock gardens galore, and a smattering of sand-over-concrete) just DIS-A-FREAKING-PPEARED! The trail damn-near rode like it as as smooth as asphalt, yet was made of pure LOAM. I then wanted to test the anti-bottoming circuit, so I pushed my sled back up the hill to a place that has about a 5' drop off, with a landing that's unusually brutal. I went off the thing and for some reason looked down, which made me convince myself that it was gonna hurt BAD, when in reality I hit the ground and the forks (and shock-Fox RC4, which has the same separate anti-bottoming circuit, that works just as good) sucked up my girth like I literally landed on a mixture of pudding and loam. The icing was put on the cake when I let a buddy ride it at Snow Summit(local bike park). Dude weighs all of 170lbs-soaking wet- so like every other time he's hopped on one of my bikes, I told him to make sure he first recorded my settings into his phone so he can put 'em back after he's done riding it, but he responded that since I'd told him(over and over and...) that I couldn't believe how plush they are, while at the same time sucking up anything I can throw at 'em, he was gonna ride 'em with my settings first. When we got to the bottom, he literally was dumbfounded by how well the forks acted with his 50lbs LESS weight riding it. He told me that they were set up better than he's ever got any of his forks set up before, and he didnt, nor would he want to make any adjustments. Suspension tuning and set up is a compromise between obviously getting a ride that is as plush as possible, but still resisting bottoming . You're gonna rob one of 'em each time you try to make the other better, but I can state un-o-freaking-quivically, that with the Manitou Dorado I LITERALLY have been able to set both high and low spd compression, and the rebound to do their respective jobs, and in addition to getting ZERO bleed across the circuits, I've got as plush of a ride as I could ever want over the small and fast hits, while the anti-bottoming circuit is giving me the EXACT same thing over the BIG BOY hits. I've never had a fork this good before. To put it in a nutshell, this one 'Mod'(replacing the Fox air 40s with the Dorados) made the single biggest improvement to a bike that I've ever experienced.

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