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Manitou Marvel Pro 100/120mm Fork

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Manitou Marvel Pro 100/120mm Fork

When you name a fork Marvel, the fork better be marvelous. Manitou did not disappoint with this fork. At 100mm of travel, this fork is a fierce fighter in the XC/ light trail category. Put this on your high end XC frame and be amazed at the difference it will make. Manitou did not just want to make an excellent fork; they wanted to make a statement to the rest of the industry. Not only are bike frames changing but components including forks are too. You'll notice some striking architectural features on the Marvel including the crown design.

TPC (Twin Piston Chamber) is a shim-based damper that uses two independently adjustable pistons: one optimized for rebound, the other for compression. TPC is a low-pressure, high-volume system which prevents cavitation (which leads to compression spikes and stiffening) and heat-related problems. Compared to the Absolute damper, TPC is always active. A fork equipped with TPC damping will soak up even the slightest impacts. The benefit of TPC is that it allows precise control of the fork's compression damping rate. As a result, the fork can be tuned to make the fullest use of its travel while minimizing bottom-outs. Forks equipped with TPC dampers have a compression adjustment dial on the top of the right leg and a rebound adjustment dial at the bottom of the right leg. The effect of these adjustments can be easily observed when the bike is at rest and the fork is compressed.

Absolute is a platform-style damper. This means that the fork can be set to remain rigid until a certain impact threshold is exceeded. The benefit is pedaling efficiency. As proponents of rigid forks will attest, suspension has the potential to diminish pedaling efficiency by compressing the fork rather than propelling the bike forward. In the open position, the Absolute damper acts much like TPC, absorbing even slight impacts. By introducing a bit of damping platform, a rider can get the benefit of suspension without the penalty of wasted energy. In the second and third positions, the Absolute damper resists pedal bob and brake dive on smooth terrain, yet still allows the fork to move through its travel over most bumps. In the fourth and fifth positions, the fork remains rigid during most out-of-the-saddle sprints or climbs, at the expense of some harshness over washboard and rooty trails. In the sixth position, the Absolute damper locks out the suspension for everything but a major, abrupt impact, like suddenly running into a rock or log. Forks equipped with the Absolute damper have a platform adjustment dial on the top of the right leg and a rebound adjustment dial on the bottom of the right leg. The platform adjuster has a total of six positions ranging from completely open (no platform) to completely closed. The dial can be turned from one extreme to the other in about 1/3 of a turn, for easy on-bike adjustment. The effect of the various platform settings is more apparent at speed than when the bike is at rest.

  • Rebound
  • Compression to Lockout
  • TS Air
  • Forged Hollow Crown
  • TPC Technology
  • Absolute+ XC Stack
  • Cartridge TPC

Technological Features


  • Tapered needle low speed adjust
  • High speed internally adjustable shim stack
  • Available in a remote lockout version
  • Tuning options for DJ, XC and Trail


Patent Pending system provides superior torsional stiffness with a Hex Lock axle and possibly the quickest install in the industry with 1/4 turn lock and tool free set-and-forget tension adjust.


ISO Air is Manitous' new isolation air spring technology. It captures some of our MARS Air System's benchmark plushness and puts it into an efficient cross country package. We've essentially created a compliant link between the unsprung lower half of the fork and the air piston. The result is a system that isolates the rider from harshness on small, square edged bumps produced by seal drag, or friction, common in traditional air system; the science of smooth!

  • New spring system combines the benefits of MARS and TS Air
  • Isolation system reduces felt vibration from high frequency/ low amplitude bumps
  • New air piston design
  • Easy setup and service

Have you seen Manitou's other forks? This brand is making a serious come back with products like the Dorado and Mattoc. Take a look at the entire line of Manitou forks here.


Model Marvel Pro
Travel Options 100 or 120
Spring ISO Air
Spring Rate NA
Bottom Out Rubber Bumper
Steerer Aluminum Tapered or 1-1/8
Crown Forged Deep Bore Hollow Crown
Crown Finish Color Matched
Offset 41mm
Compression Damping TPC Technology Absolute+ XC Stack
Rebound Damping Cartridge TPC
Adjustments Air Compression to Lockout, Rebound
Leg Diameter 32mm
Leg Material 7050 Butted AL
Wheel Size 26"
Brake Post Mount
Axle 9mm or QR15
Crown to Axle 472 / 479
Listed Manitou Weight 3.5 lbs / 1589g, 3.67lbs / 1666 (Trail)

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Q: Is the QR 120 option a 9mm QR or 15mm?

A: The QR version is standard 9mm and the 15mm is QR15.

Q: Can this fork used for a frame with 1-1/8" straight head tube? or it shall be used for tapered head tube? Thanks

A: This fork is for tapered headtubes only.

Q: I understand that version QR 120 TAPER has a 9mm quick release system and not 15mm QR. Am I correct? Thanks

A: Yes, that is correct.

Q: Does this fork come pre-set at 120mm or 100mm travel. Does it include the 15mm thru axle. Thanks Tony

A: The remaining inventory for this fork are only the QR15 100m versions. They are not adjustable between 100 and 120mm of travel.

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Most underrated XC fork - Jun 12, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars

I have used some lower end forks like RS Recon, RS Reba dual air, and Fox Float. My favorite of those was the Reba DA. The Marvel Pro is more plush than all of those. It feels stiffer than the RS forks as well. Lock out is very solid, unlike the RS slight movement. I only docked a star because i'm not sure how hard the service will be since i have yet to do it. Either way, this fork is easily worth more than it costs. For XC riding, the performance is hard to beat by forks twice this price.

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