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Mavic Crossmax SX 26-inch Disc Wheelset 2014


Mavic Crossmax SX 26-inch Disc Wheelset 2014

The graphics package and a new rim extrusion mean this proven wheelset is lighter, stronger and better looking than ever. Demanding Enduro riders rely on the SX's dynamic performance to maximize the fun factor both uphill and downhill. ISM lowers weight and creates extremely low inertia while the new ITS-4 delivers instant engagement. Compatible with 15 mm and 20 mm forks.


  • ISM - Inter Spoke Milling Lighter rim and equal rigidity is the magic equation to reduce inertia and to free extra power for climbing. A Mavic patented exclusive concept
  • UST - Universal Standard for Tubeless. Traction and control. Ready to ride tubeless system. The UST concept improves traction, control and comfort while reducing inertia and flats
  • ITS-4 - Instant Transfer System 4. Using 4 pawls working 2 by 2, the system provides a more dynamic ride, thanks to a very fast engagement. Its versatility makes it compatible with all kind of frame retention system. - Better energy transmission: fast engagement, only 7.5 degree freeplay between two engaged positions - Stiffer: 17mm monobloc axle - 12mm through axle compatible to fit any kind of frame retention system
  • QRM - Qualie de Roulements Mavic Plus. Our most demanding level. Those cartridge bearings are of course double sealled with C3 internal clearance, and toped with a micro-adjustability system, allowing you to quickly adjust your wheels according to performance goals: precision "free" adjustment for maximum fluidity, or perfect high precision setting for all-weather rides.
  • Fore - Only one of the 2 rim wall is "drilled": The rim is 4 times more resistant to fatigue stress 20 percent increase in the rim rigidity to transfer all of your energy to the ground.
  • SUP - Soude Usine Process. After bending, the rim joint is arc welded. The welded seam is then milled for a smooth finish. A welded and milled rim joint is extremely strong, eliminates shuddering when braking, and offers superior wheel balance
  • Zicral - A highly resistant and and lightweight aluminum alloy for spokes
  • Maxtal - Exclusive to Mavic. An aluminum alloy that is 30 percent more resistant than a 6106 alloy, for lighter and stronger rims

Delivered With

  • BX601 quick releases
  • UST valve and accessories
  • Front 15 mm adapters
  • Front 20 mm adapters
  • Rear QR adapters
  • Bearing adjustment tool (rear wheel)
  • Spoke wrench (rear wheel)
  • User guide
  • Rear 12x142mm adapters

26 inch is alive and well! The benefits of 27.5 and 29 have been exaggerated. If you want the best wheel size ever, wait for the bike industry to introduce 28.25 inch. While we're waiting you may want to pick up some 26 inch tires. Just click the link.

Oversize/overweight charge applies to this item.

Due to manufacturer restrictions we can only ship this item within the U.S.



Mavic Crossmax SX Wheelset

Front Hub Fit

6 bolts 15 mm & 20 mm (QR with optional adapters)

Rim Size


Rim Type

UST Tubeless and Tubetype

Rim Braking Surface

Disc brake specific profile -6 bolts (only)

Rim Material


Rim Finish/Color

White painted

Rim Width

21 mm, asymmetrical

Axle Material


Hub Shell Material

Oversize aluminum

Hub Shell Finish/Color


Rear Hub Fit

6 bolts QR & 12x135 & 12x142 (With included spacers)

Q/R Lever Finish/Color

Anodized Black

Rotor Mount Type


Spoke Count Front/Rear

24 front and rear - straight pull, round

Spoke Gauge/Shape

Front crossed 2, rear crossed 2 non drive side, crossed 1 drive side

Spoke Material


Spoke Color

Black Plus 1 white

Nipple Material

Integrated M7 aluminum with brake rings

Nipple Color

Black Plus 1 white

Recommended Tire Size

26 x 2.0 to 2.5

Recommended Tube/Valve

Standard UST Presta


Weight Does Not Include Q/R or Valve Stem

Front Wheel Weight


Rear Wheel Weight


Wheelset Weight


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Top Notch - Jun 09, 2014

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars
Brevard, NC

These are, hands down, the best wheels I have had thus far. Extremely light & stiff, and they've stayed true for pretty much the whole 2 years I've been riding them.

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light and great looking, but not too strong. - Apr 30, 2014

1 2 3
3 out of 5 stars
Salt Lake City, UT

Very light, and great looking. But they aren't built strong enough for daily beatings. They have numerous small dents and a few places where the sidewalls dip a bit (yes I was running sufficient pressure). They are just thin, and that's the trade off: strength vs weight. You'll have to decide if that is worth it for you. For a race wheelset, I think these are perfect. But I'd rather get something a bit stronger for my daily drivers.

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Perfect Rims - Oct 26, 2013

1 2 3 4 5
5 out of 5 stars

For anyone considering buying these but are worried about the price, don't, They are worth every penny and then some. I can see now why Mavics are considered some of the best in the world. These rims are VERY solid and smooth. The ITS-4 hooks up instantly and all of your power seems to transfer straight to the ground. Not to mention the fact that they look GREAT.

1 out of 2 people found this review helpful
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