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Mavic XM 317 26 inch Rim 32H 2014


Mavic XM 317 26 inch Rim 32H 2014

Made with the finest 6106 aluminum alloy, eyeleted for more durability, solidly pin joined and UB Control machined sidewalls for efficient braking, the XM 317 will bring you anywhere.

  • Weight: 440 grams
  • Traditional drilling
  • Single eyelet
  • UB Control
  • Pinned
  • Tubetype
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Tough and narrow. - Apr 22, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars

I have been riding these that came stock on my Jekyll for a few hundred miles. I am under 185lbs loaded up and ride moderately aggressive. They came stock on the bike. Pros: Light weight, Fairly Durable. Cons: Slight amount of flex and narrow. I have only had these trued up once since I have had them and they still are very straight. The only damage has been when I cased it onto a sharp edged rock blowing the tire and bending the lip inward slightly. I through on a new tube finished my ride and straightened it back out with a crescent wrench when I got home and have had no problems since. I do have a moderate flat spot on the rim that is not noticeable when riding, I am not sure when I got it and it may have been due to low spoke tension. Overall I feel this is a good rim for an aggressive cross country rider, but I have taken it dirt jumping and through aggressive rocky descents where the narrowness of the rim becomes apparent so I would not recommend it for the all mountain crew, but other than that it has held up well.

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