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Maxxis Beaver 29x2.0 Tire

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Maxxis Beaver 29x2.0 Tire

The mighty Beaver, much like actual beavers, are perfect for that not-so-perfect race day. Beavers love it when conditions get wet and sloppy and that's when these tires shine. You can plow through all the mud you want with the aggressive knobs supported by a hard, base layer compound. The siped, softer outer layer provides insane grip through muddy roots and rocks.

  • XC race specific, and designed for sloppy conditions
  • Aggressive side knobs for grip at all angles
  • Dual layer compounds keep the rubber in the right spot



29 X 2.0 in.

Threads Per Inch (TPI)










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Out of the Shadows as it ought to be. - Apr 30, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Whitesboro, TX

Bought two sets of Beavers to replace the Hans Dampf (front) and R Rubber Queen (rear)(non black chili) on my and the wifes bikes to be used as winter tires. The Hans Dampf while giving some bump compliance over the renegades that came on the bikes never really lived up to the positive reviews. Not that grippy, didnt track well and would wash out on the front end. The rubber queen while better, would break loose in all areas that the Beaver holds. We ride an assortment of terrain from sand, loose over hard, rocks and roots and even some black gumbo. Rocks vary from white shell to sand boulders. Really a little bit of everything. Nevertheless, got caught in the Fall riding with a shower and the HD's packed up miserably refusing to self clean. Decided to get a winter tire, give up some bump compliance and at least be able to roll. Well that was six months ago and the Beavers are still on the bikes. The HD and RQ hang above my bench.The Beavers are not marketed as an AM tire, but they are proving to be just that. We don't get air, we just like to go fast through the terrain described above with alot of climbing. This is my first time to review anything but I still often finish a ride commenting how well these tires work. Yes a little stiffer ride, but grip everywhere you need it. Since there are few reviews out there on the Beavers as opposed to HD and RQ who everybody raves about, I wanted to share my appreciation for a narrow, light, GRIPPY tire that seems to sit in the shadows in marketing land. We run them tubeless.

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Maxxis Beaver Questionable - Apr 23, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Exton, PA

This tire is somewhat questionable in my book. This tire was extremely difficult to seat tubeless and during one of my first ride, punctured and all the Stans sealant sprayed everywhere. Once back in the stand I repaired the puncture, resealed and a few ride later torn the sidewall...something I have never done in the past. I have since repaired the sidewall and am running this tire tubed on a secondary bike. A for wear, it wore quickly...too quickly for my liking. I would not purchase this tire again.

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