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Mio Alpha Continuous Heart Rate Watch


Mio Alpha Continuous Heart Rate Watch

Mio ALPHA gives you a continuous heart rate reading, in real time as you use it, without an annoying chest strap or the need to reach out and touch or hold anything. It's comfortable like a normal watch and it isn't big or bulky. It looks pretty stylish, too. It has “At a Glance Heart Rate Zones” for exercising, a timer, simple two-button push operation and it even tells the time. After all, it is a watch. MIO Alpha uses Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) technology, so with a supported device, like your ever handy smart phone, you can connect wirelessly and keep a record of your heart rate during the entire length of your workout or training session. This record can be analyzed to further improve the effectiveness of your fitness training.

The ALPHA’s ability to accommodate everyone from newbies and weekend warriors to professional and Olympic caliber athletes makes it an easy choice

  • No chest strap
  • Continuous heart rate display
  • Two button navigation
  • User-settable heart rate zones with visual and audible alerts
  • Data review (total exercise time, average heart rate, time “in zone”)
  • Activity timer
  • Clock
  • Connects to compatible smartphones using Bluetooth® Smart (4.0) technology
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Best strapless hrm that I could find - Apr 24, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars

Lots of options exist if you want to wear a chest strap but if you don't there aren't many. This one does a pretty good job and is relatively accurate. Note that this does not have a backlight which makes it difficult to see your heart rate if you are doing cardio in a dimly lit room. Android users have very few options with regard to apps however iphone users have quite a few options. Originally, I was going to get the Samsung galaxy gear fit but it does not do continuous heart rate monitoring.

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