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Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite Bicycle Tire Liner


Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite Bicycle Tire Liner

The biggest advancement in tire liner technology since they introduced the dual durometer layer concept over 10 years ago. The new liner offers protection from flats with 50% less weight than previous versions.

Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite premium tire liners weighs 50% less than standard tire liners. How did Mr. Tuffy do it? Well, that's their secret. Why did they do it? That's easy! They wanted to extend flat tire protection to avid cyclists who previously felt the added weight was too high a price to pay for the convenience of flat-free cycling.

New ribbed & fit curve design helps keep the liner in place for easier installation and makes for a smoother ride are a Mr. Tuffy exclusive.

Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite tire liners protect your tube from road debris, thorns, broken glass, and other sharp objects. Lightweight, and won't cause tube damage. It is reusable from bike to bike.

PLEASE NOTE: Mr. Tuffy Ultra-Lite tire liners are sold in pairs.

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Weigh the same as the regular version - Oct 21, 2015

1 out of 5 stars
Houston, TX

I purchased the orange versions of both the regular and Ultra Lite Mr Tuffys (one for my commuter, another for training tires on my road bike). Decided to weigh them and what a surprise when they both came out to 61 grams. The Ultra Lites are made of what looks to be the same material with the same thickness as the regular liners. The grooves you see are entirely superficial. Save your money and go for the regular ones. Or better yet, a different brand with more respect for business ethics.

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Tire Liner - Apr 15, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Tucson, AZ

Purchased these tire liners, and this product is excellent! I live in Arizona, so there is a lot of thorns, and ways to puncture you tubes here. Since I've added these tire liners, I haven't had any more flats on trails, or roads. Installation is pretty simple. Excellent product!

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puncture proof - Jul 13, 2013

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4 out of 5 stars

I use the brown ones which fit my mtb 26 inch tire. The key is to keep the tire liner centered all the way around inside the tire when installing them. They are lightweight and will prevent flats. Good option if you don't want to use thick heavy tubes or go all the way tubeless.

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