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NiteRider MiNewt - MiNewt X2 - MiNewt 200 - 350 & 400 Dual Li-Ion Battery

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NiteRider MiNewt - MiNewt X2 - MiNewt 200 - 350 & 400 Dual Li-Ion Battery

NiteRider MiNewt & MiNewt.X2 Li-Ion Battery (For use with 1st gen. MiNewt or X2). Can be slipped into a hydration pack or jersey pocket, or can be attached with included velcro strap to the frame in several different locations, depending on whether you ride with a helmet mount or handlebar mount. The MiNewt & MiNewt.X2 Li-Ion Battery incorporates a one of a kind low battery indicator into the battery case that you'll have to see to believe. What about burn times? How about an amazing 6:00hrs! All of these features are packed into a feather light package able to fit in the palm of your hand.

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excellent for everything - Apr 23, 2014

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I've used MiNewts for several years now. They are wonderful if you want to be seen. Cars can see you coming from one and two miles away in clear daylight. This is really important on two lane, rural roads were vehicles traveling in the same direction often go into the on coming traffic to avoid you. On coming cars then know why there is a car coming at them in their lane. Also, in high latitudes, like Canada and Alaska, the sun can be low on the horizon even in the summer. The blinking light is easy to see even when the sun is in your eyes (!) ... and lets drivers know you are there from great distances. I give these away as birthday gifts!

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