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Orange Seal Mountain Tubeless Kit

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Orange Seal Mountain Tubeless Kit

Orange Seal's Mountain Tubeless kit has everything you need to set up your mountain bike to go tubeless, including "nanites".


  • Rim Tape
  • Two 48mm presta valves
  • Valve core tool
  • 8 oz bottle of sealant

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Q: How wide is the rim tape in this kit? Is it the 18mm or 24mm?

A: The rim tape in the kit is 24mm.

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GARBAGE! - Jun 29, 2015

1 out of 5 stars
Walton, NY

One tire sealed, the 2nd refused to bead, tried all the tricks with no success. why would anyone endure such a miserable and troublesome product. for me it's clean up and dispose of this truly sorry crap. back to tubes for certain.

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Easy! - May 03, 2015

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4 out of 5 stars
Naches, WA

I used this on a set of Canfields with an On-One Smorsgesbord and Chunky Monkey (not tubeless rated). I've never done a tubeless conversion before and it was simple. Applying the tape was problems with air bubbles. Hit em with the air compressor to seat the bead and give em some good spins to spread the sealant around. I think there's better stems out there but I've been riding them for a couple months now with no problems.

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Buy the sealant, not the kit - Mar 29, 2015

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2 out of 5 stars
Gilbert, AZ

I'll try to keep this short. The sealant goop itself is great, the valves and tape that come with the kit are absolute garbage. Between my personal rigs and riding buddies, I've converted about a dozen wheelsets using Stans and a few ghetto improvs. Thought I'd give his a whirl based on other reviews I've read online. The tape that comes with it MIGHT work if you have wheels with a completely flat rim bed, but if there's any kind of valley/channel in it, good luck (just about every rim I've converted has some sort of contour to them). The tape is literally just scotch tape that you'd find at office max with a fancy orange tint. It tore under any kind of tension, doesn't form, and creased all over. Even if it were to be applied to a completely flat rim bed, I have a hard time believing that it wouldn't pop or tear over the nipple holes when air pressure is applied. Again, it's just ordinary scotch tape with a bad tan. The valves that are included are excessively long, which I suppose are GREAT for the abundance of deep v aero rim mountain bikers out there...and the rubber base is really skimpy/thin and wouldn't seal right. Unless you like burning money, don't buy this kit. I WILL say that the liquid sealant is amazing, it seems better than Stans so far. My advice: buy Stans tape and rim strips/valves and use this sealant. The sealant also comes in a cool bottle with a nice applicator to squeeze the stuff in through the valve. So, not recommending the kit, but rcommending the sealant.

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