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POC Trabec Race Helmet


POC Trabec Race Helmet

The Trabec Race is a well-ventilated in- mold helmet that combines functionality and performance. The helmet is optimized for higher speeds and heavy usage where the Aramid fiber grid covers larger areas of the core for increased protection.

The construction is similar to the trabecular bone structure that has excellent resistance and durability. The inner EPS core, reinforced with aramid filaments, is tough and resilient and the outer PC shell is constructed with the seams located in the areas of least exposure.

  • Size adjustment system
  • Adjustable visor protects your eyes from rain, sun, mud and tree branches
  • 16 vent slots
  • Aerodynamic ventilation channel system
  • The fit is designed to be around the head versus on top, for superior protection
  • Aramid fiber grid covered areas
  • Approx. size: XS-SM (51-54cm), M-L (55-58cm), XL-XXL (59-62cm)
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Yes, yes and more yes! - Apr 20, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

This helmet is effin awesome. Super light!! Easy 1 hand adjustment band. Super comfortable. Makes you look kinda like a mtn biking Toad from Mario bros. POC knows what they are doing. I have recommended this to my riding crew, 2 others purchased it and had NO regrets were had! I HIGHLY suggest it!

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Trabec Race Helmet - Sep 10, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars
Prescott, AZ

This is a great buy, I bought this because I was looking for helmets that actually fits "around" your head, and one that covers the back, and this helmet does just that. This helmet is a lot more comfortable then most. The padding is thick and well thought out, but due to this it does sit kind of tall, but it's easy to get used to. The straps do take some finagling to get them to sit correctly but once you do this helmet is pretty amazing.

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POC Trabec Race Helmet - Sep 10, 2013

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5 out of 5 stars
Dallas, TX

The Trabec Race is a wonderfully comfortable fit (on my head) that I place a premium on. Don’t know how it will fit on your head. Good padding in the right places. I like the way the strapping adjusts for a custom fit if you’re willing to take the time to tinker with it. It appears to offer better protection than any of my other helmets (Giro and Bell) as well as the fit. It does not have the sleek lines of most other helmets…sort of blocky looking. The downside for me is fitting a light to the top is not as easy as with other helmets due to the limited vent holes and the respective spacing, but I have made it work. Another down side is the visor. I would prefer a slightly larger, extended visor and available in black. Minor distraction for me. The upside is the perceived increase in available protection is paramount and that’s why I bought it. It’s not the least expensive helmet, but then my head doesn’t have a value placed on it. One comment I’ve heard is the reduced ventilation…I ride in Texas summer heat and have not found this to be a significant problem. It seems to flow much better than I anticipated and as such, I have no complaints on venting.

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