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PRO Scio Alti Wireless Computer W/Altimeter


PRO Scio Alti Wireless Computer W/Altimeter

There's no shortage of cycle computers in the market these days, but computers aimed specifically at climbers with an altimeter aren't as prevalent and certainly not at this price. With functions including current and average gradient, total uphill and downhill distance and altitude, climbers are exactly the group PRO is aiming their Scio Alti at. Its cost is low enough to legitimately be called a budget option when compared with its rivals but few are packed with as many features.

  • 21 functions
  • With altimeter
  • 38g
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too bad there is no a zero star rating - May 10, 2014

1 out of 5 stars
Lakewood, CO

This is the worst bike computer I have ever seen. If you are planing on using it for mountain biking, save your self the time of ordering and returning it because it will not work. To start with, the instructions are super confusing and make no sense. Once you figure out how to set it all up is when the real frustration will begin. If you hit a rock or a stump, the sensor will move a few milimiters out of place an the sensor will stop sending the information to the computer. The only way to make sure that it keeps working is to have it set up so that the sensor touches the spoke. Be ready to hear a click click click everytime your spokes hit the sensor because that is the only way this thing will keep working as you mountain bike. I try calling price point today to return it but they are unfortunaly close today. There is a reason why this thing is so cheap after all.

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Altitude Attitude - Apr 30, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Philadelphia, PA

Wow! Altitude, Gradient %, and all the usual stuff (Speed Time Distance, even Temperature). The altitude is very sensitive ... picks up changes as small as a few feet ... based on barometric pressure, so if the weather changes much between the bottom of the hill and the top, you will be a few feet or meters off. Large (almost too large) bright display. Haven't tried it at night yet, but they claim it has a backlight. Installation kit is a bit of overkill with two choices of mounting bracket, two choices of mounting location, and two choices of fasteners (Rubber bands or zip ties). Setup seemed intuitive to me, but then again this seems like the 110th time I've installed a cyclocomputer. Toughest part might be finding the language of choice from the fifteen or so options Operation is simple. Top line is always altitude. Middle section is always speed. Bottom section displays a choice of clock, ride time, temperature, gradient, average speed, max speed, odo .... probably more .... You used the left-right keys to choose the bottom display ... I keep mine on trip distance. Resetting is simply a two second left-right press. Shimano has done a nice job with this. Now the real question is "Do I really want to know all this stuff?" Already I have determined that my toughest hill is only 217 feet tall ... It always seemed like it was 2000 feet tall. So the hill was a letdown, but the computer seems nice enough.

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