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Park Tool CC-2 Chain Checker

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Park Tool CC-2 Chain Checker

To alleviate poor shifting and uneven chain wear, most manufacturers recommend chain replacement at or before 1-percent stretch.

Now you can quickly and accurately determine the wear and stretch of any chain with the Park Tool Chain Checker. Simply insert the Chain Checker's pins into two links, press the swing arm gauge tight, and then check the gauge window for an accurate reading. Reads wear from 0.25% to 1%

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Will Lie To You If You're Rough With It - Nov 05, 2015

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3 out of 5 stars
Northridge, CA

These are very delicate gauges. If you're not careful, the pins on the tool will bend. The more they bend, the faster they'll tell you that you need a new chain. I prefer the go, no-go devices like Price Point's titan chain gauge because they're impossible to miscalibrate. IF you're very careful with this tool, it will deliver accurate results.

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Professional Grade - Apr 11, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
Milton, FL

Like to know that new chain is holding up? Got a midlife chain you're questioning? Got a chain that's dead? Take the guesswork out of guessing & know just how good that chain is & when it's time to change it out. I swap out chains at 75% which makes my cassettes last for thousands of extra miles. This tool actually saves time & money in the long run due to extended cassette life.

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