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PrestaCycle Prestaflator Bicycle Inflation Tool

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PrestaCycle Prestaflator Bicycle Inflation Tool

The PrestaCycle Prestaflator is a must-have for any serious cyclist that uses an air compressor or nitrogen inflation for their tires. Its long throw trigger valve allows controlled, gentle inflation in just seconds. It can also provide maximum pressure with a full squeeze in order to seat tubeless tires. A large, easy to read gauge displays pressure so you can monitor filling progress visually.

The Prestaflator's Presta inflation head features an internal sliding-action. Just push the hose towards the head to push the Presta valve air release button without removing the head. This allows the Prestaflator to take a tire pressure reading without being connected to a compressor, and can let air out of the tire by simultaneously pushing the hose and pressing the air release button on the side of the Prestaflator handle. When you inflate or take a pressure reading, the head automatically slides back away from the Presta button. This returns the Presta valve to it's natural one-way operation. This means there's absolutely NO pressure loss when you disconnect the head from the tire!

Automotive inflators are not the same as Prestaflator and may not be safe at bicycle pressures, They are also usually made with single use glues and materials that cannot be repaired. Prestaflator is different: This high quality, serviceable tool is designed, built and warranted specifically for use on bikes!

  • Variable rate trigger
  • Unique 1-way/2-way Presta inflation head
  • Easy to read pressure gauge goes to 174 PSI (in 2 PSI increments)
  • Replaceable I/M compressor quick-release attachment
  • Rubber pressure gauge housing for shock protection
  • Cast aluminum pistol grip handle with bead-blasted finish
  • Two-finger trigger valve for precise air flow regulation
  • Thumb-control pressure release button
  • High-pressure hose for easy access on any wheel
  • Spin-head accepts other threaded accessory heads

Please Note:

An air compressor and air hose with quick release connector are required for use and not included. Maximum air pressure is limited by your compressor's capabilities.

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Q: Does this come with the blower and schrader tips? I saw a listing on another site for the identical price that specified these came with the product.

A: Yup! This item Includes blower and Schrader valve heads.

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