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Price Point Windbreaker Jacket

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Price Point Windbreaker Jacket

Break wind with this lightweight, high-quality jacket. Built with a nylon fabric featuring reflective piping, it's tough against the elements while keeping you visible. On the back, a zippered rear pocket provides a sack to carry all of your essentials.

  • Tall collar
  • Elastic waist and cuffs
  • Full front zipper with draft flap and zipper pull

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Q: Does this fold up small enough to fit into a pocket or small hydration pack?

A: Yes, you can fit this into a hydration pack.

Q: How much does this wind breaker weigh?

A: Unfortunately, we do not a weight available for this wind breaker.

Q: Is this item for Men or Women?

A: This item is men’s sizing but can be worn by anyone.

Q: Does this windbreaker have armpit zippers or vents?

A: This does not have any zippered vents.

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Get the yellow. - Oct 30, 2015

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4 out of 5 stars
Stoughton, WI

Yes, I do like to be seen. And believe me, people will see you in the yellow version of this jacket. It doesn't really breathe, but at this price point (get it? price point?), I didn't really expect it to perform like a $200-300 jacket. It is a windbreaker, so use it as it's intended to be used and break wind. Well, uh, ummm, you know what I meant!

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Really Good Deal! - Dec 05, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Berkeley, CA

Was super happy with this product for the 30$ I paid due to a clearance sale. Nice and light, and compacted easily, so when it came to the hydration pack it took up little space. Overall for 30-45$ I would definitely get one but for 60$ I think I would just get a higher quality better made wind breaker.

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