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Selle SMP Pro Saddle


Selle SMP Pro Saddle

Selle SMP's saddle range is scientifically designed with two things in mind- performance and comfort. Thanks to their patented unique design, Selle SMP has washed away the myth that performance and comfort are mutually exclusive variables.

Starting at the front, the dropped down nose is designed to provide a comfortable, flat base for those times when you find yourself shifted forward such as when staying seated for a long climb. The other upside to the dropped down nose is that the chances of snagging your shorts when getting out of the saddle are greatly reduced.

Then, the wide central channel prevents the crushing of all your tender bits. And when SMP says all, they're talking about parts of your anatomy you probably haven't even considered. From tip to tail you're going to be protected.

The last variable primarily focuses on proper weight distribution. SMP's swoopy profile just isn?t for looks; it helps evenly spread the load between the buttocks and the ischiatic tuberosities which are commonly referred to as the sit bones. Additionally, the design rotates the pelvis into its most efficient position for maximum pedaling power.

Designed for a larger rider (190lbs +) who's looking for a high performance saddle, the SMP Pro has a width of 148mm and a proportionally larger amount of padding than the smaller Glider and Evolution models.

SMP saddles use a standard seat rail design that will fit any seatpost and offer a whopping 8cm of fore/aft adjustment. However, due to their unique design, SMP saddles have some very specific, yet very easy to follow, directions regarding proper set up. Be sure to read the manual when installing your saddle.

  • Dimensions: 278 x 148mm
  • Rails: AISI 304 Tubular Steel
  • Padding: Foamed elastomer
  • Cover: Leather
  • Note: Weight for black saddle is 347g and 312g for the white saddle
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