SRAM X0 9 Speed Twist Shifters 2013

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SRAM X0 9 Speed Twist Shifters 2013

The lightest and fastest shifting on the planet with an incredible race pedigree. If you are looking for weight reduction and shifting distinction this is the only choice.

From Extreme Freeriding to the rigors of World Cup XC, the X.0 system performs with distinction. SRAM's superior 1:1 actuation ratio paired with a NEW super-tough carbon and aluminum cage design results in durability and performance.

1:1 actuation is simply superior. The very nature of its design makes it this way. For every 1 unit of cable pulled or released, the derailleur moves the same amount. Simple? Yes. Dependable and tolerant? The best. Ease of set-up and adjustment? Easiest. This is why the top athletes in the MTB world prefer SRAM. From the mud infested Cross Country of the Sea Otter Classic, to the rocks and roots of a Fort William World Cup Downhill the 1:1 actuation stays precise and fluid. 1:1 Actuation precision is why you find SRAM on the elite bikes from cross-country flyers to full gravity bombers.

Zero Loss Travel defines the degrees of "lost" travel before the cable engages the shifting pawl. The shifting pawl is always engaged with Zero Loss Travel so the moment you push is the moment the shift starts. It is one important characteristic that makes our X.0 and X.9 triggers so impressive. With zero degrees of "lost travel", 1:1 actuation ratio, and SRAM's constant distance geometry, the distinction in our shift is like no other. Quick and calculated. Fast and precise.

Direct Route Technology has had SRAM singing the praises of this technology for years. Cut out the middleman, go direct, and speak to the actuation mechanism itself. Direct route technology is light, responsive, precise and impervious to cable housing damage. We have simply reduced the friction by routing the cable directly to the actuation mechanism and less effort means you save the extra push for your ride.

  • Superior 1:1 Actuation Ratio and SRS technology
  • Lightest shifter available
  • Multiple shift capability
  • Lightweight Grilon Body and Krayton Grip
  • Integrated Quick View Gear Indication
  • Compatibility: SRAM 1:1 rear derailleurs, SRAM or Shimano front derailleurs
  • Speeds: 9-speed
  • Weight: 195g (pair)
  • Sold in pairs

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Q: are these sold in pairs... it appears so just need to make sure as it doesnt specify?

A: That is correct; this is for the set-left/right shifters.

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Great grip shifters. - Apr 10, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars
Shane R.
Spokane, WA

Bought these for my winter build. Love these, they they just have a great feel to them. when my Fat bike i will order these again! Great price great value. Thanks

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Clean Shifting - Apr 07, 2014

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3 out of 5 stars
Bradley D.
Mount Gretna, PA

I really like the way these work. The ability to micro adjust the front derailluer is very cool. I liked them (and their light weight) so much that this is my second set. I would have given them 4 stars, but had to replace a pair when it was impossible to replace the shifter cable for the rear. I don't know why, but the cable would not thread through the shifter. They lasted for a couple of years, so no big deal.

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Awesome - Feb 04, 2014

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5 out of 5 stars

Not sure why twist shifters are like the red headed step child of mountain biking but these are awesome. Lightweight, reliable, cheap, shift as fast as you want, never take fingers off your bar or brakes, and absolutey nothing to brake. My only complaint is with the X0 version and the rubber knobs on the very inner most portion. Those hurt my hands and I had to cut them off but I've got over 1000 miles on mine and have no problems and no slop.

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Great Product - Sep 26, 2013

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4 out of 5 stars

I tend to get numb fingers on long rides, and these eliminate the problem. Great price for a great product. They are easy to install and SRAM has easy to read instructions. Wish they came with shorter grips, but switched them out with short ODI clamp-on grips and all is good. Nice feature is that you can fine tune the position of the front derailleur because the front and rear shifters have 9 different index positions.

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