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SRAM X9 9 Speed Twist Shifters 2013

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SRAM X9 9 Speed Twist Shifters 2013

The X.9 line-up features the same robust qualities and technologies as the X.0 system. If you are looking for greatness in a refined high-performance package then look no further, choose X.9! The SRAM X.9 Twister Shifters feature a less aggressive grip than X.0 with the same performance and qualities.

  • Superior 1:1 Actuation Ratio and SRS Technology
  • Lightest Shifter available in class
  • Multiple Shift Capability
  • Integrated Quick View Gear Indication
  • Lightweight Grilon Body and Amy Grip for Smaller Hands

1:1 Actuation is simply superior. The very nature of its design makes it this way. For every 1 unit of cable pulled or released, the derailleur moves the same amount. Simple? Yes. Dependable and tolerant? The best. Ease of set-up and adjustment? Easiest. This is why the top athletes in the MTB world prefer SRAM. From the mud infested Cross Country of the Sea Otter Classic, to the rocks and roots of a Fort William World Cup Downhill the 1:1 actuation stays precise and fluid. 1:1 Actuation precision is why you find SRAM on the elite bikes from cross-country flyers to full gravity bombers.

Zero Loss Travel defines the degrees of "lost" travel before the cable engages the shifting pawl. The shifting pawl is always engaged with Zero Loss Travel so the moment you push is the moment the shift starts. It is one important characteristic that makes our X.0 and X.9 triggers so impressive. With zero degrees of "lost travel", 1:1 actuation ratio, and SRAM's constant distance geometry, the distinction in our shift is like no other. Quick and calculated. Fast and precise.

Direct Route Technology: We've been singing the praises of this technology for years. Cut out the middleman, go direct, and speak to the actuation mechanism itself. Direct route technology is light, responsive, precise and impervious to cable housing damage. We have simply reduced the friction by routing the cable directly to the actuation mechanism and less effort means you save the extra push for your ride.

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Q: Is this compatible with Shimano XT 9 speed?

A: These shifters are only compatible with SRAM 9 speed derailleurs due to different indexing.

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