Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Unisex Saddle

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Selle Royal Respiro Athletic Unisex Saddle

The Respiro was made for riders who leave their bike in the sun or enjoy riding in hot weather. The foam matrix open cell structure confers increased elasticity and breathability to guarantee a durable and comfortable saddle. A patented clip system positioned at the rear of the saddle for easy attachment of a light or saddle bag.

Royalgel guarantees the highest level of comfort, reducing pressure peaks by up to 40% thanks to its unique tridimensional gel structure. The saddle cover is cooler than normal black saddles due to a special material which reflects sunlight.

  • The Ventilation channel relieves pressure on the perineal area, while reducing uncomfortable perspiration
  • Manganese rails reduce weight compared to normal saddle rails
  • Royal Vacuum Light technology helps make the Respiro waterproof and 20% lighter than traditional saddles
  • Made for both men and women
  • Width: 163mm
  • Length: 277mm
  • Weight: 360g
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Great butt... - Jul 30, 2014

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4 out of 5 stars
Holladay, UT

So just did a quick 10-15 miler on my new saddle. It was really comfortable except for the funky seams on the front of the saddle. The material that covers the front of the saddle doesn't tuck under. There is a seam right where my legs hit. I'm going to try to make some adjustments to avoid the contact, but I wish the nose of the saddle was just a bit more narrow or the cover rolled under the edge. That was the only draw back.

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