Serfas TSL-T1000 USB Headlight

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Serfas TSL-T1000 USB Headlight

The TSL-T1000's compact, lightweight CNC'd aluminum head stands out from the other lights in the category. What truly sets this 1000 lumen headlight apart from the competition? Integrated into the small battery pack is our award winning Thunderbolt taillight (35 lumens), where you can strap it up to your seatpost for practicality or facing down on your toptube to be unique. Other features include a USB outlet integrated into the battery pack for on-the-go accessories charging (you can charge your phone, iPod or other electronic gadgets).

  • Max Lumens: 1000
  • 5 settings
  • Thunderbolt Taillight Integrated into Battery Pack
  • 4hour charge time
  • Battery Type: 4 Cell Li-Ion Battery Pack with accessory charging port
  • Included: bar mount, helmet mount, extension cable, wall charger and bag
  • Made with Cree LEDs
  • Ram Air Cooling for Increased Brightness and Longer LED Life
  • Wired Remote Switch for on-the-fly mode changes
  • Weight 480 for battery and head

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Q: Price point I have a question about how long is the wire from the headlight to the battery pack and tail light. Are you able to hide the rear battery and light in a rear saddle bag.

A: We do not have the exact length of the cable but you can use any USB extension cable if the stock cable is not long enough for what you need.

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Great lights - Aug 20, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars
North Las Vegas, NV

I ride this light on my helmet and the entire trail lights up. The cord is long enough to sit in my Camelback so I don't bother with mounting. I unplug at the extension connection when I remove my Camelback.

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Serfas True T1000 light system - Apr 11, 2015

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5 out of 5 stars

I've had this light for a couple of months now and am very impressed with build quality, size, rear light feature, and the amazing light output! On the road i strap the battery to the back of my helmet and it acts as my rear flasher. I had one motorist roll down the window at a stop light, she thought I was the traffic light 1 mile back. In the trails it has more then enough light output, claimed 1000 lumens, to keep me at speed and still be safe between the trees. I can't believe the size, the alloy headlamp is about 2" long as it is wide, the previous led systems and hid lights I've owned pale by comparison. I don't use a handle bar light any more just less things to break. This is a very simple light, 4 light outputs and 1 flash pattern no bells and whistles or computer hookup just turn it on and ride. I find the run time isn't as long as my older system about 1.5hr full lamp output with the red flasher on. The low battery indicator shows up on the battery as well as the lamp head, i never noticed any dimming, i only realize this when i complete my ride as everything is helmet mounted. Overall excellent light and price I paid couldn't be beat.

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